Posted By: Phak1 Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 12:08 AM
I finally had a chance to put some miles on my ‘52 Chevy 3100 with a 235, the original 3 speed transmission and the original 4:11 torque tube rear. I would expect the transmission to be whiney in first and even second but quiet down in third. It is so noisy while driving @ 35-45 MPH, that it would be hard to carry on a conversation without talking loud. When I push the clutch in it quiets down. I won’t dare go any faster.

The transmission shifts fine. One other clue may be that the torque tube is leaking at the transmission.

Your thoughts?
Posted By: klhansen Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 01:43 AM
Could be the rear end as well. I wouldn't rule it out.
Posted By: glenns towing Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 01:57 AM
There shouldn't be transmission fluid anywhere near that trans. It should be gear lube. Which is it?
Posted By: Phak1 Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 02:28 AM
Gear lube is leaking at the connection between the torque tube and the transmission.
Posted By: glenns towing Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 02:47 AM
Ok great. But unless its draining as fast as your filling, you should be able to fill, drive and notice a difference if its a low fluid level causing the noise. If noise is still present, then damage may be done. And parts are required to quiet this beast. What I would do at that point is get it up in the air, have someone run it through the gears while you are under it with a mechanics stethoscope and start figuring from there. At least you be able to pin down the exact area of the culprit.
Posted By: Phak1 Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 03:16 AM
I topped it off before I started driving and it’s not pouring out, more of a weep. If I let it sit for week I’ll have a spot on the garage floor about 2” around. I’ve put less that a hundred miles on her since first started driving her.

Posted By: EdPruss Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Tue Oct 29 2019 03:42 AM
Driving along a quiet street or alley with a wall on one side allows one to hear many noises. Some noise with a higher frequency than driveshaft could be countershaft. Pinion bearings usually will whine upon accel. coast. Throw out bearing could have noise changed by clutch application. Trans. bearings, driveshaft, pinion bearings would have higher frequency than rear axle bearings.

Posted By: Phak1 Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Thu Nov 07 2019 11:22 PM
Well, humbled again, Glenns Towing was right. The issue was there wasn’t enough gear oil in the transmission. When I checked the oil prior to her first run, I stuck my pinky in and didn’t feel any. I added some gear oil and checked and thought I felt oil. This time I filled until it ran out. Messy but effective. A lesson learned. Its not total silent but I was able to get her up to 50 MPH and felt somewhat comfortable with running at that speed. Before that, 40 was stretching it.

Thanks all for you suggestions!
Posted By: glenns towing Re: Noisy Drivetrain - Fri Nov 08 2019 03:51 AM
Glad to help. Keep on trucking. thumbs_up
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