1957 3100 rear axle

Posted By: LAJones48

1957 3100 rear axle - Sat Aug 17 2019 01:46 AM

I’m starting to assemble my ‘57 1/2 ton NAPCO project and I can’t remember what was originally going on with the rear axle. I have a bearing, a seal, and what looks like a shim. When I look at the factory service manual, I don’t see the shim. Does anyone know where that shim goes and why it’s there?

Thank you
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Re: 1957 3100 rear axle - Sun Aug 18 2019 02:57 PM

Hy LAJones48, could you provide us with pictures of the components you are inquiring about?
Posted By: LAJones48

Re: 1957 3100 rear axle - Sun Aug 18 2019 04:42 PM


Here’s what I have. I think I understand how to assemble it now after rereading the manual. The part I’m really unsure about is the gasket between the oil slinger on the axle flange and the flange itself. Do I need to take that apart and replace the gasket if I don’t see any oil on the inside surface of the flange?


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