disc brakes on a '49

Posted By: 52Carl

disc brakes on a '49 - Thu May 23 2019 01:40 AM

I want to put disc brakes on my '49. I currently have Huck brakes on the front, and 1970 Bendix on the back.
So I am assuming that I will need a dual master cylinder. I want the one which goes under the floor in the original spot.
I have a Th400 transmission behind a 350 engine. Will the vacuum assist version fit next to the automatic transmission?
How about proportioning valve?
How about interference between the axle and the caliper on hard turns?
Posted By: Justhorsenround

Re: disc brakes on a '49 - Thu May 23 2019 02:06 AM

My son’s ‘53 has under the floor power brakes w/dual master cylinder. The truck is a 350/700r4. He is running a proportioning valve. Camero subframe so the rubbing is not an issue. 🛠
Posted By: showkey

Re: disc brakes on a '49 - Thu May 23 2019 12:21 PM

Dual master.........yes
Proportioning valve .........yes
Axle interference on tight turn ...................Huge discussion point, reality is makes little or no difference when driving.

Automatic trans clearance ................not sure. My 1950 GMC 6 cylinder 4 speed manual is close and needs a right angle speedo drive to clear.
Posted By: just-a-hacker

Re: disc brakes on a '49 - Fri May 24 2019 05:43 PM

I did need to put a different master cylinder on mine,mounted in original position.
I did not need any vacuum .
The kit I used was pretty easy to install .

Mine is also a 49
I used mainly because I could visit their shop and see operation, then I was able to pick up there
Posted By: Lindsey

Re: disc brakes on a '49 - Fri May 24 2019 07:23 PM

While looking into brakes for our '53, I was told master cylinders put out different pressures depending on brake type, drum vs. disc.

The issue with vacuum assist is apparently clearance with the manual transmission side linkage typically, which is why most say they only work WITH an automatic transmission, or likely with a floor shift manual.

Not sure about axle/caliper clearance. I decided to stick with drums all around for now but ordered a dual master cylinder for a little extra safety.
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