Posted By: Skooter carrier bearing adjustment - Fri Jun 02 2017 01:27 AM
I understand tightening the right adjuster to force the left bearing up against its race. Then the manual says to tighten the right adjuster "snugly" against the bearing, then tighten it an additional notch or two to "preload" the bearings.

One or two notches past "snug" seems pretty tight to me. Maybe I need help to understand the concept of preloading the the carrier bearings, which bathe in gear oil, as opposed to front wheel bearings (only 33 ft/lb if I recall??), which doesn't seem as tight as preloaded carrier bearings would be.

Or just follow the manual to the letter no matter how tight it seems?
Posted By: Wrenchbender Ret. Re: carrier bearing adjustment - Fri Jun 02 2017 03:03 AM
One notch after contact will be just right. It will put a slight preload on the brgs.
Posted By: Skooter Re: carrier bearing adjustment - Sat Jun 03 2017 02:26 AM
Thanks, just needed some verification I'm reading it right. Guess typos in the manual are not unheard of, this must not be one of 'em.

1. Tighten
2. Back it off
3. Tighten again
Basically what it says.
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