Posted By: morten larsen front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 09:44 AM

i was going to change my front wheel bearing on my 1954 one ton.

the axle seems to be worn because the inner wheel bearing moves on the axle. is there a quick fix??? another smaller bearing? glue? Welding?

take care.

Posted By: sstock Re: front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 10:46 AM
Hello Morten,
Sounds like you have or had the wrong inner bearing. There was a change in 1952, up to 1952 1 ton trucks had an inner bearing ID of 1.41" after 1952 the one ton trucks inner bearing/cone is 1.51". Do you think somebody put earlier model spindle/hubs or complete front axle(smaller) on your 54 and you have the bigger bearings for the 1954 in there?
If it were my truck, I would use a micrometer and measure the spindle, then see if you ordered the correct bearings.
Posted By: morten larsen Re: front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 02:00 PM
noop, it is the corrects bearings. have been recommended loctite 638 somewhere else, will try that.

Posted By: Grigg Re: front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 02:29 PM
What is the size difference between bearing bore and spindle?

Using a loctite product (if within it's capabilities) may work but will likely keep the bearing from sliding off easily too, which means very difficult to remove the hub to do brake work and the seal will likely pull out of the hub before the bearing comes off the spindle.

Sometimes a part in better shape is the best fix, you might want to look for a spindle.
Posted By: tom moore Re: front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 09:07 PM
I had the same issue on a spindle too. Wish there was a repair sleeve that could be press fitted on the spindle for use on the earlier spindle - to convert it to the later and larger size bearing. I went the Loctite route but I wonder about he longevity of this repair. Since then I have kept my eyes out for NOS spindles. NOS door latches, hinges, and axle spindles seem to be the items that I keep an eye on.

Posted By: sstock Re: front wheel bearing - Fri Mar 08 2019 11:35 PM
Great idea Tom in my opinion. When it comes to bearings and clearances around races and machined spindles close isn't good enough.
Posted By: Hotrod Lincoln Re: front wheel bearing - Sat Mar 09 2019 05:25 PM
How much clearance is there? Not guesswork or SWAG- - - -actual measurements! A dial caliper from Harbor Fright or Ebay is cheap insurance where safety of operation items are concerned. If there's not a visible amount of up and down slack, this doesn't sound like a problem. The inner bearing race is supposed to be a smooth slip fit on the spindle.

One possible fix would be an "Okie Knurl"- - - - -a bunch of center punch marks on the area where the bearing fits to slightly expand the spindle and take up some of the clearance. The right fix is to replace the spindle if the clearance is really excessive. With as many IFS butcher jobs as are being attempted these days, straight axles and component parts should be plentiful and cheap.

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