1955.2 parking break lever

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1955.2 parking break lever - Thu Mar 07 2019 02:48 PM

I am missing my parking break lever on my 55.2 3800. From what I see from google pictures on other task force trucks, the break leaver pivot mounts to the transmission. My transmission doesn't have a threaded (or non threaded) hole to bolt the handle to. I do have the part with the teeth attached the the transmission but no lever. I can build a lever but I don't know how it should be fastened. If anyone could post some pictures of the break lever assembly from the pivot point on out of a task force style 3800. I would greatly appreciate the help, if not I'm thinking about finding a good boat anchor and a heavy chain that I can throw out the window if I need to stop.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Thu Mar 07 2019 08:11 PM

hi ethanm90,
i suggest you check out group 4.591 in Master Parts Catalog 30 June 1952 at
once you are satisfied with identifying the parts your vehicle needs search ebay and the wrecking yards, etc...

there are several intricate parts involved and making substitutes that you would be satisfied with may not be worth the effort.
i am certain that Turners auto wrecking in California would have these parts somewhere in their massive inventory.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Thu Mar 07 2019 08:13 PM

come to think about it, the 55 might be updated design, i have a 50, 53 and a 60 with the same style floor lever but perhaps look at the newer parts books at that gmparts wiki page.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Tue Mar 12 2019 01:23 PM

Well I went ahead and made a bracket. I probably have far more time in it than it's worth (about 8 hrs.) but I did it anyway. It could have been better I'm sure but it serves it's need.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Thu Mar 14 2019 02:24 PM

Ethan, is the bracket you made for engaging the rear brakes or for the transmission brake?
I have a brake handle that I need to make a bracket for to engage my rear brake cables on my 41. I believe the two bolt holes in it originally attached to the SM420 transmission. I currently have a 700r4 in it. So I need to come up with something.
I have the original spring loaded rod that runs from the brake lever to the rear cables I plan on using. Just looking for ideas because if I go it alone I know I will be spending a lot more than the 8 hours you spent!
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Fri Mar 15 2019 11:15 AM

The one I made was for the transmission/driveshaft break. I would guess it's probably about the same though. I'll take some pictures next time I get over there. I won't be getting over there this weekend but probably the following.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Sat Mar 16 2019 02:32 PM

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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Mon Mar 25 2019 12:02 PM

I sent pictures to Victor by email because I cant post them here but I wanted to follow up on this in case someone else is reading this for ideas. To start out I used two flat plates to sandwich the lever. I used the toothed E break stop to center punch holes on the plates but this could be done by measuring the holes wherever you want to mount it. I then put the handle about where I wanted it oriented on the plate and ran a bolt through it to use as a pivot. I cut the head of the pivot bolt off and welded it in place from the back side of one of the plates. The shoulder on the pivot bolt keeps the nut from tightening down too far on the lever. The two plates I kept separated by some spacers I cut from some tube and sandwiched the toothed piece between the spacers. Before I cut tubes for spacers I just stacked washers to get my measurements. I already had bolt holes on the trans where the toothed piece was so I was able to run a bolt through the first plate and spacer, through the toothed Ebreak catch, through the second spacer and plate and into the transmission holes that were already threaded. Right now I have a piece of flat stock from lever to brake but I might make something better as time goes on. If you didn't have a trans to mount it to I don't know why you couldn't mount it to the floor though. This description probably doesn't make much sense with out looking at the bracket but it might give someone an idea. Hope this helps someone some day.
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Re: 1955.2 parking break lever - Mon Mar 25 2019 12:44 PM

Thanks Ethan....much appreciated!
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