Posted By: Mike Post 1969 GMC 3500 V6 step side pickup - Fri Oct 25 2019 09:01 PM
I have this truck and need a 305E V6 engine for it. Either running or rebuildable. It is a very rare truck as no one I ever met has seen one like it. I think it was a special order because the guy I bought it from said that the guy he bought it from bought it from the BLM.
Posted By: coilover Re: 1969 GMC 3500 V6 step side pickup - Tue Oct 29 2019 04:18 AM
There is a 1966 3/4T GMC with a freshly overhauled 305 V6 in it right across the road from me. A friend had it redone just as gas went to $4 a gallon so he parked it to use one that was more economical. The 305's are notorious gas hogs but also stout as heck. You can't PM me with just one post but as soon as you can I'll give you contact information. The truck has sat in an open field for many years so you would need to have it's condition verified. Also it is in the Dallas area so a good ways from you.
Posted By: Jon Patton Re: 1969 GMC 3500 V6 step side pickup - Fri Nov 29 2019 04:30 AM
I have a spare 305 V6 that came out of a'61 GMC pickup. Bought it to have in case mine cratered. I'm about 4 1/2 hrs southeast of you across the Ks./Colo border. I've had it for a little more than a year, covered with a tarp. I think my e mail is in my profile. E mail me and we can discuss it. Jon Patton Tribune, Ks. 67879
Posted By: bartamos Re: 1969 GMC 3500 V6 step side pickup - Fri Nov 29 2019 08:18 PM
They were the standard motor for GMC's in 60-66 and went to 1974. They are boat anchors BUT VERY reliable. You would only want one if you are a GMC purest or want to maintain a stock truck. Max RPM is about 3500. About half of a SBC. They are very cheap to buy. No many want them. DO NOT buy one that needs rebuilt. Parts are getting VERY hard to find. I bought my 305 V6 running good with transmission for $200. There is still a good supply of those motors if you are patient. The hard part is finding one near you. They were built like no other motor, to last a long time. So be picky and don't pay much.....or switch to a SBC or BBC.

There are specific letters after the 305, like A, B, C, D, E, depending on year of truck. They are all basically the same motor with slight carb and other changes (125 HP to 142 HP). There are larger Magnum V6's also. The number is stamped on a pad in front of, and below, the passenger side valve cover.
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