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Posted By: Xena

Paint ideas - Sat May 18 2019 04:12 PM

I have been having trouble trying to visualize what paint color(s) would look good on my K20. What I came up with that is helpful for me, and maybe helpful for you, is the attached modified line drawing of a stepside in .jpg format. It will open in any photo editing software and you can change the color(s) by doing a "bucket fill" of each of the truck sections. I have been "saving as" each different color scheme as a different file; that way I can compare and also have a blank pallet to work with the next time I get a bright idea about paint. The grey / white combo is the original colors of my truck. If there is interest I will do the same for a fleetside, just let me know.

Attached picture grey white.jpg
Attached picture truck color pallette file.jpg
Posted By: Hambone

Re: Paint ideas - Sat May 18 2019 05:13 PM

Nice idea. Thanks for sharing. May also have application aftrr paint for prints, cards, etc.
Posted By: Xena

Re: Paint ideas - Sat May 18 2019 05:35 PM

That's a good thought. I hadn't taken it that far but you have given me ideas....
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