Posted By: JFBerg713 New rear gas tank and fuel line - Wed Apr 10 2019 09:51 PM
Currently the gas tank is in the cab. I am wanting to convert it to a rear gas tank. I will buy a new tank and new alum fuel line. The current line is 5/16" and the past owner ran a 1/4" line (dont ask) from the 5/16 line to the carb.

I have the original 283 V8 engine now. The sending unit on the new tank will be 3/8" and I was considering a 3/8" alum line to run from the tank to the front of the truck and replacing that small 1/4" line as well.

Do you folks see any issue by going up in the fuel line? My only other thought was to use new 5/16" from the tank to the front up to the carb, but did not know what the smaller line would impact the 3/8" sending unit.
Posted By: glenns towing Re: New rear gas tank and fuel line - Thu May 30 2019 02:31 AM
I guess I would do what ever suit you. Its your truck. But since you asked, if the sender is 3/8, I would run it all the way to the carb. Aluminum line im not real fond of. The are a great heat conductor if routed close to exhaust mans etc and fuel dont like heat. Especially in Texas or any place for that matter where it tends to get abit toasty. I would use steel if possible. Rubber fuel specific hose is an option also and real easy to route.
Posted By: popcornBen Re: New rear gas tank and fuel line - Sat Jun 01 2019 12:13 PM
I moved my tank from the front to the back 59 Apache using a 16 gallon racing tank. Then I installed 3/8 braided wrap fuel line. Easy to install, looks nice! Plenty of fuel for the 383 Stroker!

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