Posted By: ChevyEddie Power Steering from a boneyard - Fri May 09 2014 12:07 AM
Newbie with a nice 1965 C-10 fleet side long bed. Has a 230 six and wondering what vehicle(s) can supply the needed parts to give me power steering. Anyone know what I need to ask the salvage yard for?
PS box, pump, hoses, engine brackets for the 230, double crank pulley...? That it? What vehicles and what years will work?
Posted By: blu1964 Re: Power Steering from a boneyard - Fri May 09 2014 02:59 AM
Get a kit from rez engineering,may go by a different name now,go to salvage yard and get a box pump and hoses from a 73-87 C10.tlThe pulleys and brackets are going be hard to find.
Posted By: Roadmarks Re: Power Steering from a boneyard - Mon May 12 2014 12:31 AM
The engine brackets are scarce as hens teeth for your engine. You MUST have the brackets for the 230 & early 250 with the separate intake manifold. The brackets for the later head and intake cast as one piece won't work on your engine. However, the car and truck brackets are the same,so any Chevy with a 230/250 up to about '75 or '76 will work as well as any other GM product with the same engine.

See for a picture of what you can use and what you can't.

Stick with the truck pump and box. Get lines for whatever year it came off of. Replace the pitman arm with a new Power steering kind. They are different.

Best wishes and good hunting,

Posted By: ChevyEddie Re: Power Steering from a boneyard - Thu May 29 2014 01:36 AM
Not totally sure what engine I have in my truck. I think it's a 230.... but if someone can tell me for sure I would appreciate it. [img][/img]
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