Posted By: ledsledjed To sub or not to sub,that is the question - Fri Jun 28 2002 08:15 PM
I've got a 70 nova front clip thats looking for a new home.Along with a rearend from the same vehicle.I have a 66 suburban that I'd like to put it in.Will the nova clip be a good choice for the 66 'burb or should I use a different clip as a donor? The 66 has stock suspension with a 12 bolt,drums all around,6 lugger with a 250 and a 4 speed.The nova has front disc's,a stock 12 bolt and had a 250 and a powerglide in it.I've got a 327 with camel hump heads and a turbo 350 a/t from a 89 chevy van with overdrive ready to drop in the 66 after I complete the clip swap.What do you think?
Posted By: jack Re: To sub or not to sub,that is the question - Sun Jun 30 2002 04:10 AM
I'm not against sub framing but am wondering why you want to do it to your burb. If it's only for the disc's I wonder if maybe you could find newer truck spindles and disc's to fit. Maybe even do it without needing a spindle change.
Posted By: ledsledjed Re: To sub or not to sub,that is the question - Mon Jul 08 2002 04:26 AM
My original plan was to look for rotor's and calipers from a '73 to '89 chevy truck or van that would fit the stock 66 spindles.Or spindles,rotors and calipers fom a chevy truck or van.My existing set up is 6 lug drum.I want to go 5 lug,with disc's,power steering with a tilt column.Was I on the right track originally?If I was what year of vehicle should I be hunting down for parts?Any suggestions would be appreciated.The Nova clip I'll probably save for my '55 Buick Century,which may be a better candidate for a subframe swap.Anyone that's completed a drum to disc/tilt column swap on a '66 truck or suburban or subframed a '55 Buick with a Nova clip,I welcome your advice on the subject.
Posted By: 6T2Burb Re: To sub or not to sub,that is the question - Mon Jul 08 2002 12:30 PM
I happen to know that you can slip a 89 Caprice frame under your sub and all you have to change around will be your frame mounts. Well maybe a few other things but not much. The Caprice has same wheel base front to back and side to side. Just more things to consider. grin
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