Posted By: Ecratrods LS swap with front clip - Wed May 15 2019 12:19 PM
I am thinking of pulling my 383 for a ls1. I have a 79 camaro clip in it. if anyone here has done it did you run into any major problems?
Posted By: coilover Re: LS swap with front clip - Sat May 18 2019 08:50 AM
Should not be a problem. The only LS tweaks we make are the motor mount adapters ($20) and the lower coolant inlet to water pump. You can use the swivel T-stat housing or an Oldsmobile one from around the (?) 70's. The exhaust shops love these engines since the outlets clear most frames with room to spare. Have not done an LS1/Camaro clip combo but have done several with the Nova clips. You will like how many more gas stations you can pass with the LS engine IF you keep the fuel injection and electronics. Carbed LS engines aren't as thirsty as a sbc but don't get the yield on the injected ones.
Posted By: Ecratrods Re: LS swap with front clip - Fri May 24 2019 02:28 AM
Thank You coilover. Im going to change it over this winter.
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