Posted By: fireguyfire Instrument cluster removal - Wed Jan 02 2019 12:39 AM
Stripping out the interior on my 41 fire truck, and I’m just about ready to remove the dash.
On these old chevs, can you bring the instrument cluster forward out of the dash, and then disconnect everything, or does it have to be done from underneath?
Any removal tips or tricks would be appreciated!
Posted By: Mike B Re: Instrument cluster removal - Wed Jan 02 2019 02:04 AM
You'll get more responses and views if you post your generic truck questions in the Big Bolt section and ask just the Fire Body/Equipment specific questions here in the Fire Bolt section.

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Posted By: fireguyfire Re: Instrument cluster removal - Wed Jan 02 2019 02:45 AM
Thanks for the tip Mike; makes sense.
Posted By: Harold46 Re: Instrument cluster removal - Wed Jan 02 2019 02:49 AM
The cluster has to be removed from the rear. There are two nuts holding the unit to the dash, one on each side of the cluster frame.
Remove the speedometer cable, unplug the 3 light sockets (snap out), remove the gas gauge wire, remove the Amp meter wires, unscrew and remove the oil pressure line, disconnect the temp line from the motor (it does not separate from the gauge). Once everything is clear gently push the cluster into the dash and remove from the rear. The temp line has to come through the firewall so a helper would be good to have. Take caution with the temp line. If it breaks the whole unit will have to be replaced.

If you are doing a complete dash restoration you may want to remove the dash as a unit and then remove the cluster. Again watch out for the temp line.

In case you want to remove the dash, here are some suggestions.
The following bolts/screws hold the dash in place:
There are six clutch head 8-32 screws on the top dash lip underneath windshield. Remove two 5/16 bolts one each on the lower fronts (near the upper door hinge). Disconnect the windshield regulator, steering wheel brace and center dash brace. Tilt the dash out at the bottom and gently lift up as it has a lip that fits over the windshield area. It helps to remove the steering wheel (gives you more working room)

Good luck with your restoration.

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Posted By: fireguyfire Re: Instrument cluster removal - Thu Jan 03 2019 01:17 PM
Fantastic information; thanks Harold!
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