Posted By: RocketRay "2600 Miles in THAT!?! go get WHAT!?! * - Wed Jul 21 2010 08:20 AM
Good Morning:

Though I've posted a couple times under general forum, thought it's about time to get some pics up and a few words in.

And what better way to debut yourself then to publicly announce behavior that one or two folks might characterize as insane...

I'm about to embark on a 2600 mile 3 day roundtrip roadtrip from Tampa FL to Paxton MA in a 1960 Chevrolet Apache 10 Shortbed Fleetside 235 4 speed.

Purchased 24 February 2002.
Gorgeous paintwork already done though unbeknownest to me, much of the mechanicals were about to have my greasy fingerprints all over them. I took it back to OEM (the PO was running some wide short 60's and had cut the rear springs and unwound the front torsions). Though initially tempted with the sirens of a 350 SBC, I stayed with the orig Stovebolt which has largely remained untouched. I just installed a progressive 2 bbl carb (Thank You Langdon's Stovebolts!) to replace a leaky Rochester. I searched and finally found/installed the biggest used period correct radiator to keep things cool. The instrument panel was swapped for one featuring full gauges and they all work except for the tach. And though I don't mind setting dwell/timing and messing with breaker points, I went Pertronix breakerless ignition with no problems to date (unless this has something to do above regarding my motionless OEM tach.

The power goes through the gears of an SM420 I recently swapped in complete with correct driveshaft, floor cover and steering column collar. I did take liberties with the shift knob, swapped for an 8 ball shifter crafted myself from a real pool ball (hmmm, what to do with the other 14...)

At the business end, a 3.38:1 ring & pinion gets me down the road. It'll cruise without drama @ 70. I've briefly danced on the dark side of 80 but at that point it's screaming. It's shod with BFG radial TA 255/70 rear & 235/70 front on 15 inch "smoothies". I did retain the orig 15x5 wheels complete with OEM chrome hubcaps.

Of course, all the other incidentals (brakes, water pump, generator, clutch master/slave cylinders, battery) have been rehabbed as well to OEM spec.

Couple months ago, I found my Holy Grail, The Chrome Grille!

Down the road:
Convert to Stepside bed. (match my daily driver '95)

The Memories:
I grew up in Northeast WI, learned to drive on my dad's '66 longbed 283 3 speed. In HS I drove a clapped out '64 C20 with a $100 6 cyl engine transplanted from a Chevy Nova. It did sport the optional SM420 4 speed w/driveshaft mounted park/emergency brake. That handbrake helped me avoid a couple OMG's as well allowing for an ontime arrival for a job interview when the regular brakes failed (yes, I did get the job)

It's a good thing I like to wrench and that these trucks afford accessibility and relative maintainability and affordability.

And it's a good thing is here! Technically, socially and historically; Second to None!

Oh, almost forgot...the reason I'm about to drive a 50 yr old pickup truck 2600 miles? To go pick up some 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire car parts. (my other affliction to shiny metal...)

I'll bring my canon powershot with to record and share the adventure.


Posted By: Achipmunk Re: "2600 Miles in THAT!?! go get WHAT!?! - Wed Jul 21 2010 01:40 PM
Ray, sounds like you got a really nice truck and what can I say about the road trip? Well, I wish I was going with you!!! Nothing better than cruising these old trucks on the highway.

Say, don't know what route your taking but if your anywhere close to my house here beside I-85 you better stop. We'll run up to the Short Stop and have a couple dogs and treat!!

I'm also envious of all the toys you have smile
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Thanks! Got home late last night, exhausted.

(This posting a quickie status update)

Oy! man, I shoulda brought my laptop (lesson learned) with me, I ran I-95 down through SC but would have gladly made a detour to enjoy the company and a cold drink of a fellow bolter.

This trip was an adventure. You'll never see something like this on TV because reality sometimes really is stranger then fiction.

Going up running empty, no prob. Trip back was...oh,....I'd characterize as "Not Fun At All".

Loaded probably well beyond my GVW 5200 lbs with an est 3/4 ton of 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire parts running @ I'm guessing 70-80 MPH+ (speedo needle jammed/broke at 77 mph) in temps approaching 100 degrees can be described as nothing short of a destruction test.

I'm here (literally) to tell you, "these trucks are tough!" and it got the job done.

But not without a bit of drama to include: "hope this works and doesn't catch on fire" type field re-engineering, playing 20 questions with 3 Worchester MA police officers, field repairs done in a field, getting slightly taken advantage of by strangers at one point, dumb luck, experiencing the kindness of strangers at another, one AAA jumpstart, two pull starts and one "pushed it myself" start.

The way this journey concluded is nothing short of incredible. Stay Tuned.
Sounds like fun!

Just curious, What in the world is That Trailer used for?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: "2600 Miles in THAT!?! go get WHAT!?! - Tue Jul 27 2010 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by FriedGreenTmater
Sounds like fun!

Just curious, What in the world is That Trailer used for?

That was my question also.
A Pro-Street Trailer, now that's something new headscratch ...joe
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Glad to hear to had a great road trip. I love taking my 1954 3100 on road trips. How did that two barrel carb work? Did you check the mpg with that carb? Thanks.
Posted By: Achipmunk Re: "2600 Miles in THAT!?! go get WHAT!?! - Wed Jul 28 2010 03:30 AM
Glad your home safe. It may not be so much fun while its happening but AFTER its over, your home safe drinking a cold one and then laughing as you tell your story. They are the best kindof stories. The ones you shouldn't have done..... but did them anyway!!!!
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