Posted By: Shawng56 1956 GMC * - Sun Jan 03 2010 09:32 AM
I am beginning a restoration on this 1956 GMC Truck. It has a 270ci engine and a SM420 4 speed manual. I am finally starting to restore the truck, which we acquired in late 2006, and had parked in my garage since then.

The truck has been in my wife’s family since it was bought by her great grandfather in 1956. It was used to haul ice and wood in Payson, Arizona. The truck had been parked for many years until I towed it to our home in Peoria, Arizona.
I am amazed that there is really very little rust damage other than the cab corners. There is some surface rust, but overall I think I am fortunate not to have to do too much rust repair.

I intend to keep the truck mostly stock because I want people to see a good representation of what the truck looked like when it was new. However, I will make some modifications to the brakes, move the gas tank and add seat belts for safety reasons.

I am sure I have no idea of the headaches to come with this project, but I am glad I have this excellent resource to refer too when the time comes.



Posted By: jockbolter50 Re: 1956 GMC - Sun Jan 03 2010 09:41 AM
Hi Shawn,firstly welcome to the 'bolt.
It's great you have a truck with such good least you know it's history.
Thankfully the Az. climate seems to be kind to old iron so as you said,rust shouldn't be a huge issue.
If you plan to tear the truck down, bag and tag everything,just look through the forums and you'll see folks asking where certain parts go as they never did this!
(don't ask me how I know....)
Especially if your resto takes a while.
Good luck on your new 'journey'
Jock thumbs_up
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