Posted By: Yelostn78 Another 49 in the garage(gallery submission) * - Thu Jun 25 2009 03:10 AM
Here is another 1949 Chev that I have wanted for awhile. It is a 3800 that I actually found on Ebay. It was located in Kansas about 139 miles from the house. I placed a bid laughing to myself that it would go for at least four times my bid. The auction was supposed to end on a Sunday afternoon. I was at my parents in a different rural part of kansas where I had no cell signal or internet. Well around the time the auction was ending I was joking around that we had added another truck to the garage. I was sure I had been out bid. The truck looked good, was in running shape, and it was currently owned by the 2nd owner. also only had 74,000 on the clock.

Well anyways the phone rings and my Mom tells me it is for me and it is my brother who had been watching the auction calling me to tell me that I had won the truck.

So I had him sign in and he read the email from the owner's daughter telling me to call her father to set up a delivery and payment info.

I called her father(Don) and he said cash was fine, this was his first ebay auction and he did not even own a computer. He told me that he had bought the truck in '74 from the original owner who was a local farmer, and that He(Don) had used the truck to haul small loads of dirt for his grave digging business.
He said that he only put 5,000 miles on the truck since he bought it(which the titled verified) and that other than a few dents and missing boards it was pretty much as he bought it. I drove out the next day to check it out, and make payment.
The truck was in good shape- the headliner was starting to fall in, and the door pads had fallen apart. the rubber floor mat was gone. and the exhaust had fallen apart. other than that the truck ran very well(albeit loud) hydraulic dump bed worked very well- brakes needed a little attn but were not bad. drove very well. and just needed a good wash and wax, and some minor freshening up. . . and an exhaust system.

truck has a four speed(with PTO) with cabled hand brake, a 216 with high capacity radiator, fresh air heater, three cab top lights, 7.00 x 18 wheels(dually rear) and It is my mental image of a farm/ranch truck. I plan to keep it mostly original. I will clean and repaint the interior the original color- wax the outside and tend to a few dents, new seals and rubber- fresh wiring harness, overhaul the brake system and new wood for the bed fencing. also will re-build the seat. the original owners manual is in the glove box and the truck has one option listed other than the hydraulic bed on the inside of the front cover. The Truck has a commercial red grain seat cover. Which I will replace with the same material. the option was added at no charge according to the booklet.
1949 3800 Ranchmaster

Enjoy the pics

Posted By: FriedGreenTmater Re: Another 49 in the garage - Thu Jun 25 2009 04:34 AM
that looks like a great old dump truck, congrats
Posted By: Rich'sToys Re: Another 49 in the garage - Thu Jun 25 2009 12:55 PM
Looks like you got a good one. Congratulations!! I'll bet if you buffed out that paint, it would look almost like new!!
Posted By: Yelostn78 Re: Another 49 in the garage - Thu Jun 25 2009 02:43 PM
I have started on it and it looks nice and shiny, I will post some post buffing pics at some point
Posted By: jockbolter50 Re: Another 49 in the garage - Thu Jun 25 2009 11:15 PM
Nice straight looking truck Yelostn.....

Apart from the 'battle scarred' grille and fender! (It gives it character) wink

I look forward to seeing the shiny pics. thumbs_up
Posted By: Yelostn78 Re: Another 49 in the garage - Mon Jul 06 2009 03:13 AM
I am working on the grill to straighten it somewhat- I want this truck to be fairly original and the workhorse of my fleet.
Posted By: Yelostn78 Re: Another 49 in the garage - Mon Jul 13 2009 12:54 AM
what other info do I need to get it added to the gallery?
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