Posted By: Dennis Darouse 1941 Fire Truck ~ - Tue Feb 03 2009 09:00 PM
This is my 1941 Chevrolet / American LaFrance pumper. After retiring from the Hammond Fire Dept. on Sept. 15, 2001, I still wanted to be a part of the fire service so I decided to start my own department yahoo. A friend of mine had this truck in a warehouse and sold it to me when he found out I was looking for a truck. It is a 500 GPM pump with a 250 gallon booster tank (which was totally rusted, so I removed it for more rider room).

All of the equipment on the truck is period correct, still looking for extension ladders (have roof ladder)

It is great fun for all of the parades and festivals we have in southeast Louisiana.

Also thanks for this site, it has been a big help to me.

Posted By: Austin64 Re: 1941 Fire Truck - Tue Feb 03 2009 09:30 PM
That is so sharp looking.
You have a very nice truck there.
Does most of the equipment still work?
I bet that thing is a blast to drive in the parades.
Posted By: J Lucas Re: 1941 Fire Truck - Wed Feb 04 2009 01:39 AM
Very Nice thumbs_up thumbs_up thumbs_up

Posted By: Virginiafiretruck Re: 1941 Fire Truck - Wed Feb 04 2009 03:47 AM
I love it! Where did you get the snow?
Posted By: Bill_B Re: 1941 Fire Truck - Wed Feb 04 2009 06:57 AM
Very sharp 41 fire truck....Your weather looks more like Michigan.... brrrrr Bill B
Posted By: Dennis Darouse Re: 1941 Fire Truck - Wed Feb 04 2009 01:56 PM
Most of the equipment still works. Here in southeast Louiaiana we live to have festivals (5 in our parish alone, 1 only second in size to Mardi Gras in N.O. and this town has only 10,000 people in it) and also Mardi Gras parades it is always ready to roll and have fun. Had to even make a fire trailer to pull behind it for more people to ride in.
And the snow - 8" in 1 day, the most in the past 50 years that I remember is 2" and did not last long. This time snow lasted 3 days, 2 days later was in T shirt and shorts as is was back up to 78.
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