Posted By: cmayna My daily driver - Tue Dec 30 2008 03:55 PM
Woogeroo has encouraged me to chime in about my daily. My defination of my daily driver is something that I drive very often rain or shine. Now that my wife's daily car died, she is using my daily Jimmy and I get to drive my truck every freaking day - yeah baby yeah.

My wife wants me to paint the truck and I don't, for if I do, like some of you, I will not use it as a truck. Maybe we can meet halfway by me doing something to the bed so I can haul stuff and not worry about scratching it.

Until's pics of Mr. Truck in action.

Hauling daughter's Mustang engine:

Yard mix hauling



Posted By: Ghostrider Re: My daily driver - Tue Dec 30 2008 10:51 PM
Don't paint it...looks pretty good like it is!
Posted By: a.d.-hawk Re: My daily driver - Thu Jan 01 2009 12:07 AM
Nice pic's Craig! It's always cool to see a nice 'ol truck still getting dirty & getting the job done! cool
Posted By: BC52 Re: My daily driver - Thu Jan 01 2009 01:00 AM
The paint looks fine to me thumbs_up
Posted By: Roadmarks Re: My daily driver - Wed Feb 18 2009 04:50 AM

That's a fine looking truck. New paint won't make it do what it does any better, and paint costs like stink!

Best wishes,

Posted By: Tedy Re: My daily driver - Thu Feb 19 2009 04:29 AM
That truck looks great, I would leave it as is.
Posted By: coach-frank Re: My daily driver - Sat Feb 21 2009 04:41 PM
Same here, leave her as she sits, nice truck!!
Posted By: rehpotsirhcj Re: My daily driver - Sun Feb 22 2009 05:42 AM
Love seeing ADs doing what they were designed to do.
Great looking truck Craig.
Posted By: chevman32 Re: My daily driver - Mon Feb 23 2009 05:16 PM
I wanted to leave the stock paint on my '54 GMC but there were so many places where the paint had lifted and it was rusty underneath so I went with a complete paint job. I now would never put anything in my oak bed now so use as a truck is not possible. I do enjoy having it look so good now.
Posted By: InTow Re: My daily driver - Tue Feb 24 2009 04:52 AM
Very nice. Don't paint it.
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