Posted By: DonM71 Emblem search - Tue Mar 26 2019 08:37 PM
I just purchased a 1971 C10 longbed that has been completely stripped of all emblems. While I’m awaiting shipment of the truck to me, I would like to restore the emblems to the front fenders and wherever else they should appear. How do I determine what I have?
Posted By: Rich'sToys Re: Emblem search - Thu Mar 28 2019 03:32 AM
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You may want to ask this question in the General Truck Talk or the Paint & Body forum. You might get more answers there.
Posted By: Fox Re: Emblem search - Thu Mar 28 2019 04:16 AM
The serial number and the options sticker in the glove box will be very helpful. Those trucks have all different sorts of trim levels, mouldings, options. It was the beginning of the “sport” truck.

Cheyenne, longhorn, custom, custom deluxe, custom sport truck, base, c10; there are a lot of models. Make sure to run your VIN to be sure.

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