Posted By: Fahrbach51 Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Fri Sep 01 2017 05:28 PM
I was a long-time fan of the AD series, just love the way they look, stock or custom. I wanted a 1951 model, because that's the same year I was built. Found a one-owner, well cared for farm truck at a farm estate sale in OK, and brought it home to drive. Didn't take long to figure out that in its stock setup, its uses were limited (i.e. 45mph), so after driving it for about 5 years, this novice set out on the journey of a lifetime, tearing my prized possession down to the frame and making it new again. It was a learn as you go process, and I have to thank so many, but mainly a guy who became a friend and mentor, Deve, at Couldn't have done it without him. I wanted to make it a truck I could use, and drive. I make a 30-mile round trip commute to work in it at least a couple times a week, and never hesitate to run errands with it. Almost all remains original, even the wood in the bed, but I upgraded the rear end to a 4.11:1, had a 1958 261 rebuilt, and tied that to a T5 transmission. Now I can roll at highway speeds without a worry. And the best 2-yr-old granddaughter loves to sit in Papa's pickup and honk the horn! 3600 front3600 rear3600 bed
Posted By: joker Re: Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Fri Sep 01 2017 07:16 PM
neat truck, you should drive that baby to the reunion and
meet the stove bolt folks, they would love to see the truck..

Posted By: Achipmunk Re: Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Sat Sep 02 2017 02:54 AM

Thanks for the picture of fine looking truck. I to have used some of Deve's words of wisdom.

...I also understand the grand daughter things. One of mine is now 12 years old but she has never forgot the rides, and smiles in papa's truck. Memories are forever. Thanks for sharing yours.
Posted By: chaz71 Re: Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Mon Sep 04 2017 01:28 PM
cool !!!!
Posted By: 49 3100 Re: Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Mon Aug 13 2018 08:17 PM
Mike--great job. How are you heating the intake manifold? Bill
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: Mike Fahrbach's 1951 3600 - Mon Aug 13 2018 08:36 PM
He hasn’t been here in a year. My guess is he won’t see this and answer your question. Hope he proves me wrong.
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