Well I remember many months ago I found this forum and joined. Well the story goes like this I introduced myself a nd told everyone my story about my chevy. Well before I know it you guys all started donating parts out of the goodness of your hearts. My wife and I were simply overwhelmed with the blessings. I have a 79 camaro front clip under it with a nova rear end. It is powered by a chevy 350 with a th350 tranny. EZ wiring kit with dolphin gauges. s10 power seats. RCI fuel cell and a full duel exhaust. All new rubber, windows and front suspension bushings. I am still going to put in a wood bed kit and MY GOD ITS GETS HOT DOWN HERE so AC is going to have to be a must. I wanted to give it that nastolgic look so I sprayed a few colors before I laid on the wanda paint and sinclair logo than went at it with wet sanding followed by a mate clear. I drive it a lot and people Love it. All the work has been done by me. So its not perfect but its me and I have had a lot of fun doing it.
Nice progress. How much metal warpage caused by the fire? You dash look nice and smooth and from the before pictures I would have expected lots of warpage.
Wow! I could not help myself. Looked at the pics from the did great to fix it up. Nice work.
Shawn, great to see your on the road. Doctor told me I could drive in a few days so maybe I can get over to Rock Hill soon. Preferably on a cool day smile
The Sinclair logo looks good.
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