Posted By: Oregoon Hello from SE PDX! * - Thu Jan 22 2009 03:31 AM
Hey, I'm Fitz, 35, father of two, trucker, perpetual grad student, freelance writer, skateboarder, surfer, ninja, wizard, pirate, and as my old lady tells me, royal pain in neck.

I've been an armchair rodder ever since the 3rd grade, when I saw an Anglia with big back tires ripping across the Thurso River Bridge in my hometown in Scotland. My love for cars was cemented in the fourth grade, when I met my oldest friend in the world, who grew up in a body shop and to this day, lives, breathes, and sleeps for cars.

Over the years, I've owned a variety of projects, none of which came anywhere near completion, but all of which were drivers of some sort. I've had a '57 Willys Truck with a Buick Wildcat under the hood, a '73 Travelall, '75 Cherokee, '64 Bug, '69 and '70 VW Busses, '84 Landcruiser, '70 Volvo... All fun enough, I guess, but not bought because they were what I wanted, but because they were good deals.

Nope, what I'd always wanted was a two-wheel drive truck, Chevy, Ford, or Dodge, done in the mud-spattered hillbilly-hotrod style of the rigs I grew up around on the farms and in the foothills west of Portland. And if it was a weird variant like a panel, suburban, or crew cab, even better!

Flash forward to a sunny Thursday, three months ago when I spotted a relatively straight '66 Carryall on Portland CL. She's an ex State of California Highway truck, with 189,000 overall miles, a 292, SM420, 3/4 ton radiator, factory posi and a 4:11 12 bolt. I have copious receipts dating to the mid 'seventies, including an engine rebuild 32,000 miles ago--in 1984! According to the oil-change data, and the prior owner (a decent, though weird old guy), the truck basically sat ever since, with occasional trips around town. Pictures here:

Needless to say, an hour or two after spotting it, I drove it home for $900.

I've done cap, rotor, points, condensor, plugs, wires, timing, carb rebuild, alternator, regulator, starter and wheel bearings already, and she's running great. Easily the best running inliner I've ever owned, or driven, for that matter.

Of course, I've still got plans and ideas. Already found a '77 disc front end with dropped spindles, and a '71 rear with 307 gears (for better highway driving). I've got a few more parts to collect, and it's swapping time. I'm shooting for an industro-custom look, and definitely keeping that 292!

Naturally I have questions, so a fellow HAMBer and Chevy Truck Aficianando clued me into the 60-66 board, which in turn led me here. And it seems like a great place to field my brain-dead queries. Plus, I don't want to strain my oldest friendship too greatly...

Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted By: Achipmunk Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Thu Jan 22 2009 04:25 AM
Oregoon: other sites are good but the Stovebolt site is the BEST!! Welcome aboard. There are folks around with your same style truck. Lots of knowledge and resources.
Nice find. I love the seats!
Here in my state it would look good painted grey with the highway insignia on the door and a blue light on top smile

Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Posted By: MexicoSab Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Thu Jan 22 2009 05:38 AM
Welcome to the 'bolt, Oregoon cool

You have neat plans for your 'burb & you seem to be pulling it together nicely...

It is very good that you have a "supremely tolerant wife"... You will go far wave
Posted By: J Lucas Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Thu Jan 22 2009 06:41 AM
Nice rig, and it's in great shape. Welcome to the "Bolt".

Posted By: 27Capitol Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Thu Jan 22 2009 01:04 PM
Welcome to the Stovebolt, Oregoon. wave
Posted By: 1953 panel Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Thu Jan 22 2009 03:48 PM
welcome Oregoon, nice burb you got yourself. This is THE place to be.
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Posted By: coach-frank Re: Hello from SE PDX! - Fri Jan 23 2009 04:35 PM
Welcome, Oregoon, glad to have you on site!
Posted By: Oregoon Re: Hello from SE PDX! * - Mon Dec 01 2014 06:52 AM
Whoa! Six years later and I'm working on a '74 GMC with a 250.

The 'burb's valve-issues were straightened out, and the truck got sold so I could put a downpayment on a house.

Then, a '66 Brand-X truck with a 240-cid found its way to the driveway, but was sold off due to my desire for another 'bolt.

So, I'm back, wiser, older, and my inline-six affliction remains unhealed, though some GM therapy is truly helping...

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