hello folks I've got a 1965 gmc panel van with a stovebolt 235 , its been sitting awhile as it was my great grandfathers , my dad drove it 12 years ago parked it on the farm and now she's seized up , drained all fluids added some mystery oil to cylinders and what not but cannot find a good way to turn the crank from the front near the fan , ive heard you can take off the starter and pry on the flywheel but im looking for some more advice first! Anyways I've been looking at this site for awhile and I cannot wait to hear this 6 cylinder purrr
Good morning, Whimpy, an welcome to Stovebolt. Congrats on the GMC panel truck.

FYI- for questions and answers the best place to ask them is in the garage forums. Members don't always come by the Welcome Centre when they log in. Your current questions would be best asked in the Engine forum, or perhaps the General truck forum.

I'll leave your first post here so members can say hello.

....but I will add that there are many ways to free up and old engine. Along with what you have done, buy a flywheel wrench that you can put on the flywheel and help spin the motor. They aren't expensive and you'll use it more than thank you think. you can pry on the flywheel with a big screw driver but you don't want to brake anything!!!
Some folks use 50/50 mixture of transmission fluid and diesel fuel and many other concoctions. Its a slow process but can be done with patience.
I will add that I had a 261 engine that I ended up pulling the head and "pounding" on the pistons to get it freed up but hope you don't have to do that.

I'd suggest starting a thread in the "projects forum" so we can all follow addition to asking questions in the garage forums. Just take your time, look around the site here and get familiar with things. We are all here to help.....and be sure to watch for others from your area as there are quite a few here.
Welcome to the 'bolt. please post a couple pix of your project.
Hello Whimpy,

Alvin is correct, you'll get more and quicker replies by posting in the appropriate forum.

That said, if your van has a manual transmission you can put it in 1st or reverse gear and slowly try and rock it forwards and backwards.

Welcome to the Stovebolt.

Welcome to the Stovebolt madness. There is no cure! shake

‘65 GMC should not have a 235. If it does, somebody has been monkeying with it.
3850817 is on my bloxk says its 230-250
3859381 is on the headers idk if you can help me find out what it is then ?
That is awesome I will be trying the rocking method then !
Welcome ,wouldn’t hurt to take valve cover and side cover off and put a little mystery oil by valves and lifters

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Welcome! This place has a heap of great information. Check out the tech tips too!

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3850817 is a 230 or 250 cast number if I can read the grease properly.

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whinpy the panel truck

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There sure is a lot of real estate on top of those panels and suburbans!!
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