Posted By: Tacomike New from Ks - Sat Sep 12 2020 03:21 AM
Hello all
I have a 1941 3/4 ton Chevy truck that me and the kids are fixing to start tearing down. It needs a few things…okay a lot of stuff but we’re going to give it a go. I want to make it my daily driver. So I’m undecided on a frame swap or adding IFS and changing out the rear axle. Also trying to decide on how we want to go with the motor and tranny. So many decisions! Lol
I’ve read a ton of posts on here and now I’m more undecided on what I want to do! Lol
Thanks for the add, Mike

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Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: New from Ks - Sat Sep 12 2020 04:42 PM
Hello Mike, welcome to the 'bolt. It looks like you have some challenges in front of you. It might be more fun to try to get the truck running and driving before tearing it apart, even if its just around your lot.
Of course, that must be done safely. You don't want old wiring shorting out and starting a fire. You don't want to drive away and find that the brakes dont work... stuff like that. I ran my truck around with a pressure weed sprayer for a gas tank just to see how things sounded.

Definitely search through the various forums about how to start an engine that has been sitting for a while, (oil changes, water in the cooling system, ect). There are also suggestions on how to not lose parts ect.
Most important is to have fun, be safe and keep the kids interested.
Posted By: J Lucas Re: New from Ks - Sat Sep 12 2020 05:43 PM
Hello Mike, welcome to the Stovebolt. The art deco trucks are cool. thumbs_up Keep us informed on your progress.

Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: New from Ks - Sat Sep 12 2020 06:19 PM
Welcome to the Stovebolt madness. There is no cure! shake
Posted By: Frank50 Re: New from Ks - Sat Sep 12 2020 07:50 PM
Welcome to the Stovebolt brotherhood. Glad to have you. Do you know if you have a 3/4-ton Light-duty or Heavy duty? Here's a good Tech Tip to help identify Art Deco trucks. Also, this is a tech tip on swapping a later 1/2-ton differential into a 41 light-duty 3/4-ton that you might find interesting.
Good luck with your truck, and I'm glad you are getting the family involved.
Posted By: Achipmunk Re: New from Ks - Mon Sep 14 2020 02:42 PM
You da man. What a great family project. It takas time but well worth the effort and time with kids. A life's lesson learned that will last them a life time!

......remember, just 15 minutes every day will accomplish a lot. As you take it apart clean, fix, paint that piece so you will always have some motivation to look at.....and when you get down to the last piece just think, all the parts are now ready to reassemble. Good luck, see you around the garage.
Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: New from Ks - Mon Sep 14 2020 04:04 PM
Also. As you take things apart, put the hardware and small parts in plastic baggies marked with what they go to. I also mark the back of parts with a sharpie. I had baggies of parts strewn all around my garage, so I bought a small shelf unit and some clear plastic storage boxes. I marked the box with the major area and put the baggies and small parts in the box.

Take LOTS of pictures too... of you and the kids working together. Maybe have them start writing a blog on their adventures in 'bolting.
Posted By: Tacomike Re: New from Ks - Tue Sep 15 2020 03:08 AM
Thank y’all for the warm welcome, links, and great tips! I’m looking forward to getting this project started!
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