Posted By: HFfarms New '64 C60 Beast - Mon Nov 18 2019 08:30 PM
Hi All.

I wanted to start with a thank you. I haven’t lurked for very long, but this forum has been a HUGE help. A few weeks ago I was cruising FB marketplace just arbitrarily looking at dump trucks and dreaming of getting one, when I came across an old 1964 C60 and fell in love immediately. Picked her up last week, got her back to the main farm shop, and started working on her. Stripped the bed (horribly rotten) and ripped into the engine. An afternoon later with new plugs, wires, distributor, oil change, etc and the 292 is purring. She’s old and smokes a bit, probably some blow-by on the rings and could use a rebuild. I replaced the air lines from the split by the hydro-vac back to the axle with good rubber hose and the axle now shifts. Just awaiting the necessary hydraulic brake line to finish the brake line from the cab to the rear axle and she should be road worthy again .I will hopefully have the bed rebuilt in the coming 2 weeks and ready to put her to work.


I am young, in my 20's, with absolutely no experience on trucks of this era and very grateful for the wealth of knowledge here on this forum as almost all my research brought me back to here regardless of the topic. I hope to continue to learn all I can as well as generate my own knowledge to provide as well. Old iron is incredible beautiful and becoming more rare, and im thrilled to own one now, and hopefully drive it on the weekly as I haul loads across the state with her between the farms. Feel free to stop me if you see me out and about in her. She should be loaded with logs here in a week or two and will continue that thru till spring plant when I'll park her and really start rebuilding her.

Looking forward to leaning much more here. Thanks all!
Posted By: 69Cuda Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Tue Nov 19 2019 01:38 AM
welcome! That is a sweet lookig truck you have there!
Posted By: Justhorsenround Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Tue Nov 19 2019 02:40 AM
Welcome to the Stovebolt madness. There is no cure! shake
Posted By: Rich'sToys Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Tue Nov 19 2019 04:36 AM
Gotta love those Big Bolts! Looks like you got a nice one. Keep us posted on your progress.
Posted By: Achipmunk Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Tue Nov 19 2019 01:30 PM
OOoooo, a nice find and buy. Those trucks will definitely earn their keep. Welcome to the Stovebolt and any questions you may have just remember to ask them in the garage forums that best suits your needs. Keep us posted.
Posted By: Hambone Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Tue Nov 19 2019 11:32 PM
Check in with Pat66. You will enjoy his company.
Posted By: HFfarms Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Wed Nov 20 2019 01:53 AM
Appreciate the replies all. I already have a thread going on in the big bolt garage and im getting plenty of info there which is great. The short term goal is to have her running with a new bed in the coming two weeks to put her to work, and then once spring plant hits, ill put her on blocks for two months or so as I do a complete overhaul and repower for a bigger engine with better pulling power and mileage. Ill happily document the entire process as I go for everyone.
Posted By: Rusty Rod Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Thu Nov 21 2019 06:20 PM
Welcome to the 'bolt, you came to the right place to find some knowledge.
Posted By: Pat66 Re: New '64 C60 Beast - Thu Nov 21 2019 10:59 PM
60 to 66 series and big bolt to boot, oh I'm a fan
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