Posted By: Eureka Jim Latch problem. Rebuild? - Sat May 16 2020 07:48 PM
On the drivers side latch for my '48 GMC with exterior pull down door handle. One thing leads to another. I purchased new door panels for 'Speedy', pulled the interior door handle and window crank and removed the old panel. I saw that the relay was adjusted improperly which explained why I could never lock the door. Easy enough to adjust and the lock now works correctly and smoothly.

However, now--for the first time--the outside door handle doesn't work! It moves just a little bit but feels as if the lock is engaged and doesn't move far enough to trip the latch. With the window rolled down I looked at the latch from the top and could see that the outside handle is attached to the latch and does turn a little bit before it stops. I tried it both locked and unlocked by the relay but it feels exactly the same either way.

I did a search but didn't find any specific information for this problem. A couple of you guys talked about taking a latch apart and rebuilding it but I'm mystified about how to do that. I
don't have a clue about how you did that! Looks like I'd be prying on things and hurting myself when the tool inevitably slips. I seem to remember seeing a good explanation of how the latches work, with pictures, but I'm unable to find it. There is a good tech tip article here on Stovebolt regarding the latches but I'm not getting the info I'm looking for.

Any ideas about a solution for this problem? Where can I look for more information?

Thanks, Jim
Posted By: Brad Allen Re: Latch problem. Rebuild? - Sun May 17 2020 01:23 AM
This may help.
If you determine the latch is not workable I would suggest replacement with NOS only not a reproduction.
Posted By: Eureka Jim Re: Latch problem. Rebuild? - Sun May 17 2020 06:48 AM
Thank you Brad, the first link you provide, '1948 Servicing Truck Cabs', is what I had seen but not remembered the source. I got a couple of parts latches from Jerry Rivers so maybe between them and the one on my truck I can figure a way to make one of them work. I'll start by re-adjusting the relay for the lock. It might be that I adjusted it too far and somehow that affected the function of the outside handle. I'm still hoping someone has fixed the same problem I'm experiencing and knows what I need to do!
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