Posted By: MiraclePieCo Outside Window Sweep Rubbers - Tue Mar 26 2019 12:23 AM
Talking about the rubber flaps that slide in a slot inside the door window opening to seal and wipe your side windows and prevent rattling.

I've replaced these on a couple of AD trucks, always with extreme difficulty - or in the case of my current panel truck I wasn't able to get them in at all. I thought, no way were factory assemblymen going through this much hassle to install these! Now I find that many vendors are selling generic extruded rubber seals that bear no resemblance to originals. What many are selling has a T-shaped base. When I chiseled my old rubbers out, they had a Y-shaped base.

I did some research and found that Classic Parts sells the original-style y-shaped seal. And at $5.95 it's not like they're expensive. I bought some and they slip right in effortlessly. If you're replacing your window sweeps do yourself a favor and get this type.

Below is a photo profile of the original style, Classic Industries style, and the generic style that most places sell. Notice how huge the t-style base is; no way will it fit in the door slot without extreme measures!

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Posted By: Fox Re: Outside Window Sweep Rubbers - Tue Mar 26 2019 05:11 AM
Very good to know. It would be very frustrating when you’re working basically blind, by feel, and things won’t fit. I suppose I got lucky when I ordered mine. They slid right in as well. Mind you, I think I got mine from Classic too. 😎
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