Posted By: MtneerMike tube radio - Mon Nov 19 2018 03:37 AM
need my original tube radio fixed for my 53 chevy, who works on them? Was working fine, I am located outside of Nashville TN. PM me if you know someone or a shop Thanks Mtneermike
Posted By: GeneBrink Re: tube radio - Mon Nov 19 2018 04:26 AM Not cheap but generally good comments on the web. Closest to TN that I found in a quick search online but others may know of someone close to you.
Posted By: rickmg Re: tube radio - Mon Nov 19 2018 07:49 PM
Does the vibrator hum? If not, remove it, turn it upside down and give it a few hand held slam downs on your work bench surface. Replace it back in radio and see if it will work. My radio vibrator use to (stick) constantly, so I went to a solid state vibrator that works great.

Posted By: 2ManyTrucks Re: tube radio - Tue Nov 20 2018 01:54 AM
hi Mtneermik,
i don't do it for a living, but I have rebuilt the first generation radio 986067 for myself using as many original parts as possible (the old sugary filled electrolytic are rarely good).
your radio is probably the slightly updated 986443
they are 99% the same circuit

Chevrolet truck radio
1947-48-49-50 = 986067
1951-52-53 = 986443
both are interchangeable fit and if you ordered a radio in the later days for an earlier truck you would have received the newer model anyway.

... and when looking for parts, keep in mind that the Chevy radios appear to be nearly identical to the GM radios with dial faces that read GMC instead of Chevrolet.
GMC had different model numbers
example, 2233029 (but i'm not sure which specific years, but the radio looks like the 986067 two piece shell.)

i'm private message you links to documents
let me know if you have follow up questions
good luck
Posted By: Rugo Re: tube radio - Tue Nov 20 2018 03:32 AM
Not trying hijack this post. But Rick and 2ManyTrucks, seem to have a fair working knowledge of these old radios. I have the 986443, in my 53 3100. Ray Holland restored it for me my around 12-14 years ago. I stored it until installing it my truck in March of 2016. It worked great for about a year. Then, I would get a slight hum for awhile. Then it would go away. One day, I stopped by our bank. Shut the radio and the truck off. Got back in about 5 minutes later. Started my truck, turned on the radio and all I got was static. I can tune it to a few stronger stations. They come it alright. But, not nearly as well as they had before. Thinking it might be something wrong with the antenna, I bought another one. It sounds the same, when I hook it up as well. I happen to have another set of NOS tubes. You guys have any ideas? Again, I am not trying to hijack MtneerMike's post. I want to make sure that he gets his answers first.

Thank you all in advance for your advice and knowledge.

Posted By: truckernix Re: tube radio - Tue Nov 20 2018 10:45 PM
Do you get any static with the antenna not connected?
Posted By: Rugo Re: tube radio - Wed Nov 21 2018 03:35 AM
That is a good question. I will check on that tomorrow.

Posted By: Rugo Re: tube radio - Thu Nov 22 2018 01:28 AM

I don't get anything, when the antenna is disconnected from the radio. It's as if the radio isn't even on. Hope that answers your question. I really hope somebody can tell me what I am looking for. Even better, how to fix it.

Thank you for your help and advice.

Posted By: truckernix Re: tube radio - Thu Nov 22 2018 02:20 AM
So that is quite normal in that you shouldn't get anything with the antenna disconnected. If you have a set of NOS tubes, you could install them and you may get lucky. Otherwise someone would need to troubleshoot it on the bench.
Posted By: Rugo Re: tube radio - Thu Nov 22 2018 04:13 AM

Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate your advice and experience. Hope to take the radio out of the truck in the next few weeks and see if I can figure out what the weak link is.

Thanks again.

Posted By: 2ManyTrucks Re: tube radio - Wed Nov 28 2018 06:56 PM
hi Rugo,
this link below should get you a PDF scan of the original (and nearly complete) step by step trouble shooting guide for 986067 radio.

i do not have the following page for this guide, i found this document online a while ago and do not recall who was hosting it
best of luck
Posted By: Rugo Re: tube radio - Thu Nov 29 2018 05:28 AM

Thank you for link. That looks like something that I ought to follow, when I open up my radio. I will report back when that happens. It might have to wait until after the holidays.

Thanks again,
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