Posted By: jrhackett Bed cross members - Tue Jul 06 2021 01:53 PM
Hello my question is on 1954 chevy 3100 there 3 cross rails in the bed that hold the wood boards. Are they all the same or do they have any order of placement or is there a front or back I understand open to ground trying to get holes in metal strips that hold bed boards to line up with bed crossmember's holes THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!
Posted By: klhansen Re: Bed cross members - Tue Jul 06 2021 06:18 PM
The front and rear cross sills are different from the center ones. On the earlier (47-53) beds, the front sill bolts to the front bed panel and the rear sill bolts to the bedsides at the rear. I believe the '54s are similar.

Mar-K has instructions available for putting a bed together. Link []
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