Posted By: bluesman Bed Installed! - Mon Aug 26 2019 01:11 AM

today a few friends came over and we spent about three hours getting the bed installed. No major problems, although there were a few places we had to slightly enlarge some of the holes. It actually went much better than I thought (feared) it would. I still need to crawl back under and tighten some of the bolts (we left them loose so we could raise the bed a bit to get the blocks and pads placed). But I am a happy camper!


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Posted By: Shaffer's1950 Re: Bed Installed! - Mon Aug 26 2019 04:05 PM
Looks Great! I really like that bumper too....Heavy Dury..
Posted By: Woogeroo Re: Bed Installed! - Thu Aug 29 2019 10:38 PM
wow, looks great!

Posted By: 52Carl Re: Bed Installed! - Sun Sep 01 2019 01:14 AM
There is a thread in the General Discussion forum about creative ways to add weight in the rear of the truck for a better ride.
Looks like Tim has that covered with that bumper! smile
Posted By: bluesman Re: Bed Installed! - Sun Sep 01 2019 03:18 AM
I don't know if it improves the ride, although having 200 pounds + hanging on the back end did smooth out bumps a little. But with the heavy duty suspension on this thing it does bounce around unloaded.

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