Posted By: bluesman Long bed assembly bolts - Fri Aug 23 2019 09:14 PM
I'm aiming at putting the bed on my 53 one ton Sunday, and I'm wondering about the long mounting bolts. I've been told they go in the front cross sill, but I don't see how they could fit. Are there supposed to be holes in the bottom of the frame, so that they go all the way through? I don't have those holes on my frame, and it looks like the long bolts will run into the frame. This truck had a bed on it when I got it, so it must have been held on somehow. All the other bolts are shorter, and seem to be just long enough to go through the bed, cross sill, wooden block, and the top of the frame.

Am I just really confused?

Posted By: Brad Allen Re: Long bed assembly bolts - Sat Aug 24 2019 03:03 AM
Mar-K describes the 12” bolts installing that way, my 3/4-ton went together as they describe, they go all the way through. I am unsure why you would not have the same holes?
Posted By: Barnfind49 Re: Long bed assembly bolts - Tue Oct 29 2019 06:27 PM
My 3/4 ton gmc only had the hole drilled through the bottom of the frame on one side only. Drivers side i just used a shorter carriage bolt.
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