Posted By: TUTS 59 Cameo Bed - Tue Jul 16 2019 04:15 PM
Has anyone converted a stepside bed to a Cameo ? I understand that the bed walls are the same, other than the outer fiberglass sides what else is different - front wall?
Posted By: Apache1 Re: Cameo Bed - Tue Jul 16 2019 06:53 PM
Why not a fleetside bed....they are rare as originals...but I couldn't even imagine what kind of money a Cameo bed would command.
Posted By: TUTS 59 Re: Cameo Bed - Tue Jul 16 2019 09:49 PM
I have just always liked the Cameo. I have been looking for a fleetside bed too, in coastal Georgia everything turns to rust. I have decent bed sides and 2 sets of fenders and steps. Was just wondering what else was different?
Posted By: dirtball Re: Cameo Bed - Fri Jul 19 2019 11:41 AM
There are a number of small difference in beds. The basic size of the bed and method of mounting bed are the same. The bed side are different 1) no fender mounting holes 2) no middle stake pocket 3) bedsides have holes for mounting tail gate retractors 4) bed sides have holes in top rail for stainless steel strip, 5) have holes for tail gate latches.

The rear bumper and brackets are different than std truck

Tailgates are different.

You could convert a regular bed to use cameo parts pretty easy and no one would notice the slight differences. My guess is the cost of sourcing all the correct cameo parts is very similar to the cost of a complete cameo bed.. last bed I saw sell was $4500 complete with good non pitted trim and tail lights, and good chrome on rear bumper pieces
Posted By: TUTS 59 Re: Cameo Bed - Fri Jul 19 2019 01:12 PM
Thank you for the insight. I hadn't thought about the fender mounting holes, I knew the stake pockets would need to be filled. I don't believe the bumper is reproduced, pretty sure the tail lights aren't. The bed side are available from several venders, not sure about the tailgate. For that amount of money I'll keep the stepside , I can always change the bed out later if I find one. Even bench racing is getting expensive.
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