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I am getting an onboard keyboard which is turned and other annoying features.
Trying to get youtube to play. When I click on the site the previews appear and when you try to download the full post it will not load but the small image will play the preview for a second ??????????? BTW it plays great on my cheap tablet and cell phone and TV. computer_punch
Given your ongoing issues, my first recommendation would be to uninstall and reinstall your browser.
I think someone is messing with me. My laptop takes forever to download my credit union accounts and also my cell phone would not download at all. So on the cell, I deleted it and reinstalled and it is working now. The strange thing is that my tablet works fine or did the last time I tried 3 hrs, ago. I did a chat with the credit union and they said everything looked ok. Is there a better browser to download, I am using Duck Duck Go? This is what I get from Youtube. This server does not support the operation requested by your client.
I would try another browser to rule out whether the issue is with the computer or the browser you are using. I still can't find any reference to a PC browser by duck duck go. Are you saying that is your browser because that is what comes up when you open it?

Can you look at the symbols in the attached photo and tell me if any of them are what you click on to open your browser?

If you are comfortable trying to install something new, download the newest version of Firefox and try using youtube on that:

Attached picture images.jpg
Duck duck go is a search engine not a browser.
BTW, I read that YouTube was having financial issues with some of the providers of internet connection.
I had firefox for a long time but was told that Duck Duck Go was safer. I thought of deleting youtube but I am getting conflicting instructions on how and the consequences. Everything seems to have slowed down.
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Ron, you're comparing apples to oranges. Firefox is a browser, not a search engine. Duck Duck Go is a search engine, not a browser.
For reference, Duck Duck Go has released a browser for Android, so the above is not 100% true.

Assuming his laptop is running windows, then Duck Duck Go is a search engine (and possibly home page) in some browser.
It is an Android HP laptop. And I don't know the difference between a browser and a search engine. As I sometimes do I will jump into the deep end and in this case go ahead and delete youtube and reinstall. I had to do that with my bank yesterday because it would not load on my laptop or cell phone. The strange thing about all this is that my android tablet works for both and youtube plays on my android cell phone. I have these issues from time to time. I had done some wiring in my house and wanted to have some more done. The electrical engineer that I hired spent an hr of my time trying to figure out how I made my wiring work. I asked if was safe and said yes so I told him to move on. ohwell I just thought of another question. I use a Netgear wifi router and most of the time the laptop shows medium signal, I can bump it up to full signal but it won't stay that way. It may be 15 years old. Do they wear out??????????
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Originally Posted by Fibonachu
For reference, Duck Duck Go has released a browser for Android, so the above is not 100% true.
Thanks for the clarification.
Is it a slatebook? If it is android based, then yes uninstalling youtube and duck duck go amd reinstalling them would be a good place to start.

As far as signal strength from your router, most of the time reduced signal strength is due to interference from other devices (such as your neighbor's equipment). There are some tricks you can pull to help with that, but theu are fairly complicated.
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