Posted By: Rusty Rod EH? Scam or real issue "Stop Forum Spam" database - Tue Sep 07 2021 06:34 PM
This notice just popped up when I logged in.

"Your IP address is currently listed in the Stop Forum Spam database as a known spammer/spambot, and as such your account cannot be registered. To proceed you'll need to request a removal to clear yourself from their database."

I'm using a VPN network.

Is this some sort of scam?

Rusty Rod
Rusty, Paul addressed this with another member a few days back. Just ignore it unless it becomes a problem them PM Paul and he will help.
That would be me. Yeah, I just ignored it as it didn't hinder me from logging in or using the site. At first I was thinking it was spam on here. Either way, I was in no way, shape, or form, going to click on that link.
I recently added a VPN to my PC suite, I thought that might have something to do with it. thanks for the info.
We use the stop form spam system to help identify spammers who are trying to register on our forums. Unfortunately, one of the methodologies for keeping spammers out is to identify IP addresses that are abused. Since VPN networks are used by many people,they can end up on the list. Unless it affects your ability to login, just ignore it.
Due to a sudden increase in complaints and difficulties associated with Stop Forum Spam, I have disabled that feature on our forums. For some reason, someone at that site decided it would be a good idea to directly block users trying to access forums due to the IP address from which they are trying to access the forum. It's a stupid idea that's been proven to be stupid over and over again in IT. Here's why:

The amount of IP space available for use is shrinking rapidly as more and more people worldwide begin to use the internet. To slow the shrinkage, a lot of IP-sharing is going on. So, for example, 200 people using the same IP get punished with a block because 1 bad person (or even 10) was using the same IP address.

Frankly, over the years, we have tried several different things to keep spammers off our forums. By far the most effective method was when we went to moderating posts until a new user had four posts approved. Stop Forum Spam was useful for a while, but when they began actively interfering with our site, that was a step too far. So, another useful technology has been ruined by the do-gooders who think they know better how to do things than the people that actually admin a site.

Now all you people who have been getting those annoying messages can go back to reading all that porn, stock, real estate, and penis-enhancer spams you so enjoy gettng in your inbox. Ain't the internet wonderful???
Posted By: klhansen Re: EH? Scam or real issue "Stop Forum Spam" database - Sat Sep 11 2021 04:39 AM
Most of us probably use dynamic IP addresses, which are doled out randomly by the service provider, and the address changes potentially every time we log on to the internet. Static IP addresses are available for more money, and are typically used by companies. My old company has a static IP so that remote workstations can log in to the server at the same address, otherwise it wouldn't be possible.
So with dynamic IP address assignment, you may occasionally get the same address that your local spammer has been using, which would explain getting flagged by Stop Forum Spam.

I haven't had an issue with that, but thanks for turning it off, Paul.
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