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And how much harm can they do. I got a video from Sister in law and I go a warning so I deleted it. So I went on to FB and she had posted that she has been hacked.
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You did good. If you even open some e-mails, it can infect your computer. Things from hijacking your computer to e-mail similar things to people on your address list to locking your computer till you pay a ransom.
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Kevin/Ron -- Good info on phishing and spear phishing []

And if you want to throw in whaling ... [] As a celebrity dot com developer myself, I am subject to a lot of whaling attacks ... wave

I'm sure Paul has better ones.

Ron -- A big fear of mine was letting my mom loose on the Internet by herself. She did get the call from the "Bailbondsman" trying to get her grandson out of a jail in South Carolina ... if he hadn't actually been in the room with her at the time, who knows what she might have done ...

But seriously ... you already mentioned the biggest threat you face -- all that info you have about yourself on FB. I've never done FB and never will (my life is of little interest to my own family, let alone to anyone else smile ). I stopped using LinkedIn and Together we Served as soon as I figured out how useless those platforms are and how much personal information they make available to scammers willing to mine the data and put it together.

Its a big part ... the main reason, actually ... that does not require real names and doesn't collect information about our users. We have a nationally recognized cyber security expert who volunteers a LOT of time keeping us straight and secure but we still don't treat any info we do have lightly. Any info we ask for is merely to ensure new registrants aren't bots or other malware seeking to do us harm.

The Internet is still a wild and woolly place. There *are* a LOT of advantages to that freedom, though, that make the risk worth taking, albeit with adequate precautions and education. It's one of the last "free" places left and we certainly don't want Big Brother stepping in to regulate, tax and enforce. New York was once the Frontier ... now look at it eeeek

*EVERYONE* needs to understand what the threats are -- even to casual internet users -- and take precautions necessary to keeping yourself safe from cyber attack. I won't presume to lecture on what those precautions are -- you need to do your own homework on this and take it seriously. There are bad people out there who are trying to take everything you have.
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I hate to admit it but I fell for the locked computer maybe 5 years ago. It was a brand new computer so I sent it back. But I did pay a relatively small amount. I knew the word and knew it was not good. I have a number of security precautions on all my devices. Thanks.
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Phishing is basically “fishing” for information.They pose as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.

One example is when you get an email/text or message from your bank, stating your account has been compromised and to “click here” or “Call this Number” to fix it.

I’ve gotten them from Microsoft, Apple, BestBuy and allot of other big named companies. They use company logos, letter heads and look official.

The key is to never and I repeat never click on anything that says “Click Here” or “Call This Number”.

If I get anything that looks suspicious, I’ll go to that website and sign in normally or go thru the normal app to check and never thru an email/text or message.

If your not tech savvy, just use the telephone to call to verify.
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