Need parts for 39 Oldsmobile truck

Posted By: Ørjan

Need parts for 39 Oldsmobile truck - Sat Jul 23 2016 11:25 PM

I currently own a rare ´39 Oldsmobile c-159 truck, and I´m missing a lot of parts. The truck is basically a rebranded GMC truck with a new grille and hood emblems. The truck was made for export markets only.

It has been sitting outside, under a tree since 1963 and the truck looks like crap. But I´m hoping I can get it assembled again in a few years.

Is there anyone on this forum that has any information regarding these trucks?

I´m looking for the following:
Workshop manual ( I have one for the ´37 olds but thats a different truck)
Hardcopy of the ´39 olds customer brochure.
Chevy/Gmc/Olds front fenders
Chevy/Gmc/olds Headlights
1939 chevy truck grille

So if anyone in europe have parts they want to sell, send me a message :)
Posted By: Harold46

Re: Need parts for 39 Oldsmobile truck - Sun Jul 24 2016 08:24 PM

Here are your links:
Jim Carte Photo Link
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