Posted By: chrispy 12 volt generator - Sun Jul 18 2021 07:53 PM

Question on how to determine the correct voltage regulator for a 12v generator I'm installing to replace the 6v system. Changing out everything except starter. New 12 gen., wiring harness from Carter Truck Parts, headlights, dash lights, etc, etc. I was told I'd need a matching voltage regulator. I'm not a wiring/electrical guru, so trying to test and make sure everything is right all the way thru.

Delco Remy 12v generator tag reads:


Posted By: bartamos Re: 12 volt generator - Sun Jul 18 2021 08:46 PM
You can use a newer Delco 10si . Cheaper, built in voltage regulator, less wiring, better bearings, no voltage regulator to buy or fail.

To answer the question:
The number you gave comes back as one of it's applications is 61-62 Olds. So these VR's are listed for that vehicle.
Std Motor Product VR103 VR103T VR24
Delco C635

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell us the year make model of vehicle and motor on EVERY new post.
Posted By: Jon G Re: 12 volt generator - Sun Jul 18 2021 10:16 PM
Chris, if you're committed to remaining with a generator-charged system and if this is an AD or Task Force truck, there are Delco-Remy voltage regulators and there are all others. I think you should ignore the "all others." Honestly, many of the Delco-Remy 12V regulators made for vehicles between around 1957 and 1964 should work just fine. I'd go to eBay and search. This one (for example) ought to be okay for you:

I'd go to eBay and look for NOS Delco-Remy voltage regulators (if it doesn't say Delco-Remy, I'd ignore it). There will be some new old stock (NOS) ones which are selling for less (may be shopworn) and some selling for more (may look prettier). You could find one specifically matched to your generator, but I'm not the person who would say you'd need to do that. All the voltage regulator does is to maintain the output of your generator to somewhere between about 13.5v and 14.5v. This lets your battery charge (and stay charged) at the proper voltage and to ensure the other electrical parts of your truck get the proper operating voltage. Good luck.
Posted By: Hotrod Lincoln Re: 12 volt generator - Sun Jul 18 2021 10:30 PM
There are really only two concerns to consider on Delco regulators- - - -ground polarity and current regulator setting. Adjust the current regulator to match the capacity of the generator, and press on. Those "experienced" regulators can be made to look brand new with a little dent bumping on the cover and a coat of gloss black paint. A good source of Delco regulators with low in-service hours would be the ones listed for "aircraft" applications. They don't know if the vehicle they're mounted on is rolling or flying, and the ones on Ebay are usually dirt cheap.
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