Posted By: rickmg 1939 Double-Duo Horns - Thu Jun 03 2021 12:48 PM
The 1939 Double-Duo Horns were available as an accessory. The part number was 985442.

DESCRIPTION: Two high quality vibrator type horns, complete with switch, relay and necessary wiring.

SELLING POINTS: Chevrolet Double-Duo-Horns are louder than before and they offer an entirely new feature - a switch to control the horns for city and country driving. Realizing that courtesy makes safety, drivers can switch to the city-driving horn when in town. In the country, the double-trumpet horns can be used. They give a strong, powerful warning signal.

INSTALLATION: Installation instructions are included in each package.

PACKAGING: One set of Double-Duo Horns with switch, relay and wiring packed in a shipping carton.

MODELS: 1939 Master and Master Deluxe Models.

PRICES: List $9.50 NET $5.70

This information is taken from an original description sheet from Chevrolet in 1939. It shows a picture of the horns and the dash mounted switch. The switch is printed as:


In 1940 the switch is printed as:


Installation instructions were also included for the cars and trucks. My brother-in-law gathered all the original 1939 Chevrolet accessory printed fact/part information. I made them into a book for him. The book contained 339 pages of accessory information.

Posted By: Fred T Re: 1939 Double-Duo Horns - Thu Jun 03 2021 04:57 PM
Sounds like they might have been wired in series for city and parallel for country.
Posted By: Tiny Re: 1939 Double-Duo Horns - Fri Jun 04 2021 03:51 PM
Wired essentially the same as the single horn except the wire goes to a relay. The switch on the dash is a simple A/B switch. In one position the horn button grounds the single horn and in the other position the dual horns. The city/country switch is about as rare as a winning powerball ticket so I used a three position toggle switch (On-A/off/On-B) under the dash to control mine. The last working city/country switch I saw on ebay was bid to over $200 and hadn't reached the reserve. That was a few years ago so I have no idea what the current market for them is.
Posted By: 37 GC Re: 1939 Double-Duo Horns - Wed Jun 30 2021 12:55 AM
you could probably make some spare change if you put your book together into a downloadable version for the curious enthusist.
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