Posted By: Wally / Montana Alternator Wires - Wed May 26 2021 09:40 PM
I didn't take good notes when I pulled my 261 but I'd like some confirmation for the alternator when putting things back together.

In the picture, the white plug obviously gets plugged in and the heavier red wire gets attached to the only post on the alternator back. The other end of the heavier red is already on the junction block on the firewall.

Where does the smaller red wire that comes out of the plug go? On the post with the heavier red seems the only option?

Thanks, yet again!

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Posted By: Hink Re: Alternator Wires - Wed May 26 2021 09:53 PM
The two ring terminals go together on the alternator output stud.
Posted By: Wally / Montana Re: Alternator Wires - Wed May 26 2021 10:11 PM
Thanks, Hink.
Posted By: Hotrod Lincoln Re: Alternator Wires - Thu May 27 2021 12:24 AM
The smaller gauge wire is a grounding wire for an idiot light, if you choose to use one. It's also used as an excitation lead to turn the solid state voltage regulator on if you choose to use it that way. Otherwise, it might be necessary to rev the engine up once after starting before the alternator will begin to charge. If you don't choose to use an indicator light and connect the small wire to the ignition system, it's possible there will be enough feedback to the ignition to keep the engine running when the switch is turned off. To prevent that from happening, use a 100 ohm resistor or a diode in the wire to block the feedback current.
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