Posted By: Phak1 Battery kill switch - Wed Oct 09 2019 02:15 PM
I want to install a battery kill switch in my 52’ chevy 1/2 ton, and I was looking on flea bay and I noticed that the cheaper ones were only rated for 20 amps continuous use, 125 amp surge. With a 63 amp 12 volt alternator, that rating seems to be a bit low. The next step up is 175-200 amp continuous and 1000 amp surge and that seem a bit of overkill.

Your opinions?
Posted By: sstock Re: Battery kill switch - Wed Oct 09 2019 02:24 PM
Phak, I used an automotive latching solenoid, not only is it a battery kill switch but it will act as an anti theft device. It actuates by a momentary switch hidden in only a place you know about, its sole purpose is to interupt the entire battery voltage so it is either all on or all off. Rated to 125 amp so it will start your truck no problemo. This is a 12 volt model, they have 6 as well.

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Posted By: beltfed Re: Battery kill switch - Wed Oct 09 2019 05:38 PM
As sstoke stated, it not the alternator output one needs to be concerned with. It’s the starter current one needs to build to. Bigger (more amp capacity) is better. I have somewhat the same setup as sstroke. I used a silver contacts golf cart solenoid.
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