Posted By: Achipmunk Greetings - Wed Aug 22 2018 03:07 AM
Welcome to the Stovebolt. Just a couple comments. This sounds like an electrical problem. Not everyone will visit this Southern Forum except southern bolters and that is not very often.

The action takes place in the Garage Forums and there is one to cover, I think, just about any part of a truck.....
OOPS.... I just noticed. You have a 55 "210 which I take to be a car. While many items on a car or similar to the truck, this is a Truck Site.
There is a site VCCA Chat that you can visit and get answers to your car questions. Again, if the question was simply about a 235 engine, which fits both cars and trucks, it would be fine. can ask this question in the electrical forum and someone that has had the problem with their truck may respond.

There are quite a few bolters here from Tenn. Watch for them. They may be close to you.
Posted By: tomctomc Re: Greetings - Wed Aug 22 2018 07:31 AM
a 47 ohm resistor in parallel with a 90 ohm resistor results in a 30 ohm resistor. So putting a fixed 47 ohm resistor across a 0-90 ohm sending unit will effectively change it to a 0-30 ohm sending unit. There will be some non-linearity in the gauge caused by this, but you can ignore that.

so simply solder the 47 ohm resistor across the end terminals of sending unit resistor
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