Posted By: Philip chevy duty wiring book - Sun Dec 09 2001 04:45 PM
has anyone ever used one of these from chevy duty? are they good and clear to look at and is the print big enough to see? there only around 5.00 dollars or so.
Posted By: tclederman Re: chevy duty wiring book - Sun Dec 09 2001 06:18 PM
Hello Philip.

I have the "1954 CHEVROLET TRUCK WIRING DIAGRAMS FOR COMPLETE CHASSIS" but I do not know where I bought it. It has 4 interior pages and a glossy cardboard front and back cover. Black print on inside and red print on outside. A total of ten pages of useful information and drawings. It has specifications and wiring/installation diagrams for all electrical circuits and components (standard and optional). The print is clear and readable (I need my reading glasses for only one page). It is a licensed reprint of selected pages from Chevrolet service publications (not photocopies).

I cannot find this listed in a Chevy Duty catalog (mine is #25) and cannot find it on their website (their search engine does not work for "wiring diagram" - it gives errors for pages 2-8). So, I cannot confirm that this is kind of book they sell.

Posted By: RichardT Re: chevy duty wiring book - Mon Dec 10 2001 01:38 AM
I got the same book Tim speaks of for a 66 ... good , clear diagrams from the "Big Book" (Shop Manual).
Came from LMC ... $5.95 - WORTH IT. - catalog is FREE
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