Posted By: dave b guage repair service - Sun Nov 25 2001 03:21 AM
sometime ago there was a posting about a couple of different sources for repairing the temp sending unit(gas)and upgrading the fuel guage on the a.d. trucks, does any one have the information? thanx, dave b
Posted By: OlBlue Re: guage repair service - Sun Nov 25 2001 03:38 PM
United Speedometer Service
Posted By: fifthave Re: guage repair service - Tue Nov 27 2001 07:43 PM
The best one I have found so far is Bob's Speedometer 800-592-9673 ask for Bruce. Tell then Randy from Fifth Avenue sent ya...good folks !! Randy grin grin
Posted By: rat Re: guage repair service - Wed Dec 05 2001 01:35 PM
I used American Classic for mine.
Posted By: 46forme Re: guage repair service - Wed Dec 05 2001 05:29 PM
Dave, I can also recomend United speedometer they rebuilt the spedo on my 46 did an excellent job. I'm fortunate because they are right here in town.
Good Luck
Posted By: dave b Re: guage repair service - Sun Dec 09 2001 02:48 AM
thanx for the replies folks. as i finally have the fuel guage up and running i'm wondering if anything can be done for the temp guage beyond sending it out. the copper line shows no sign of damage and the needle is pegged. is there hope? smile
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