Posted By: wragek Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Thu Dec 06 2001 04:02 PM
Regarding a 53 Chev 3/4 ton....

Just starting on this truck - the plan is to get it to road worthy daily driver status before doing the full restoration. The original wiring is hanging from the frame - most with no insulation. Even without an electrical engineering degree I'm guessing this is a problem! :o) I'm planning to replace the splash-lube 216 with a 235.
I have two questions:

Can someone direct me to a source of info and parts on the best way to proceed with a complete rewiring of this truck (with 12v and turn signals)?

Can someone direct to a source of info and parts for converting from 6 to 12 v?

I know this info must be out there somewhere but I haven't stumbled across it yet.

Thanks for your guidance -
Posted By: tclederman Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Thu Dec 06 2001 07:00 PM
A good start would be to read the "Article" on the following website. A variety of companies can sell you wiring harnesses, one-to-two filament parking bulb conversions, and 12v items needed for the conversion. Patrick's, Jim Carter, and Chevy Duty are usually good.

Posted By: snappy-dog Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Thu Dec 06 2001 07:38 PM
I could have sworn that there was a FAQ up on this subject somewhere on the Stovebolt page, but I can't seem to find it either.

Converting an AD from 6 to 12 volts is not all that terribly complicated. Parts that need to be replaced with their 12 volt equivalents include the battery, generator, voltage regulator, and light bulbs. Some people prefer to replace the generator and voltage regulator with an internally regulated alternator.

Parts that can remain original are the ignition system, starter, wiring, switches, and light fixtures.

Parts that will need to be protected by voltage reducers are your fuel gauge, coil, and heater motor if you have one.

First, it sounds like you're going to want to replace your entire wiring harness. There are a variety to choose from sold by vendors who cater to old Chevy and GMC trucks. I believe that discussions on the pros and cons of different manufacturer's harnesses can be found by searching this list, or the Ole Trucks List .
Next, read Patrick's null article on 6 to 12 volt conversion, and I understand that Randy Rundle (the moderator of this group) publishes the definitive booklet on this subject.
Posted By: Fred T Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Fri Dec 07 2001 07:03 AM
Hopefully, Randy will step in and say something. If not, e-mail or call him. He's at Fifth Avenue Auto in Clay Center, KS. He sells a handy booklet on conversion and a device called a DA plug to connect the alternator in without installing a new ignition circuit. There was a wiring diagram in the tech section which will help you. Wiring harnesses are okay, but as simple as these old trucks are, I just bought a few rolls of wire, some non-adhesive wrapping tape and some plastic alligator tube.
Posted By: fifthave Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Fri Dec 07 2001 04:27 PM
I would be glad to get you up and running. My official 6/12 conversion guide is a good place to start, as it explains step by step what to do and which parts you will need. Following that i will be glad to answer any questions, even the dumb ones.....Looking forward to your inquiry....Randy grin grin
Posted By: wragek Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Fri Dec 07 2001 11:47 PM
THANKS EVERYONE! It's great to find a bunch of people willing to share their expertise and knowledge with anyone who asks! A bit like having a whole row of garages right next door! I appreciate it - and you can expect more questions...likely some of the really stupid ones Randy mentioned! :o)

BTW - Randy, 2 questions:
1) How do I order your conversion booklet?

2) What's your take on the suggestion to skip buying a pre-made wiring harness and start from scratch with some rolls of wire? The complete wiring schematic for a '53 truck *seems* very straight-forward (in theory, but then again even communism works in theory!)?

Thanks again,
Posted By: Fred T Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Sat Dec 08 2001 06:34 AM
To buy Randy's book call his business Mon-Fri. 785-632-3450. As for rewiring, it's a matter of what you are comfortable with doing. Some like having a harness that has every wire marked for what they hook to. Others (like me) don't. One recommendation, if you wire it yourself, mark your diagram with the color of wire you are using for each run, and save it for future use.
Posted By: wragek Re: Starting with nothing + 6-12v conversion - Sun Dec 09 2001 04:28 AM
Thanks Fred. I'll give Randy a call. I think I might skip the harness and wire it from scratch. I'm fairly comfortable with electrical connections (proper soldering techniques, keeping things neat and organized, etc). I'm tend to be anal retentive about documentation...most likely I'll create a colored wiring diagram in a drawing program and add it to my files! Maybe I'll make it available on-line if anyone wants to edit it for their own use.

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