Posted By: svwilbur 57 3100 heater switch delux failure - Mon Jul 25 2011 05:59 AM
Recently purchased the "Heater Switch-Original-Dlx" Heater Switch delux $30.95 from classic Parts and before I could get it installed it fell apart.

The problem was I pushed the power wire clip on and then went to pull it off as it was not on all the way and the switch came apart from the mount and lever as it was already mounted. Note to self - add the wires before mounting it!

The switch box is very thin light metal and pulled away from the rivet things that hold it to the mount.

Luckily I had my old switch which is bad but the lever and mount and switch box was fine. I bent the tabs back. Hard to do on the old original switch as it is beefy. The new switch box tabs bent right back real easily and I moved the insides the switch and resisters over to the old housing. Had to watch how it fell out as there is a plastic slider with a spring on it and a metal contact that slides against the board. Then I bent the tabs back on the old box. Man those are heavy duty on the old switch and then mounted it back in the cab in the deluxe heater control assembly. problem fixed and better than the replacement which would have been doomed for failure.

I had already figured out that with the glove box cardboard removed I was able to replace the switch from the bottom without having to remove all the cables and the heater assembly so that helped speed the install.

But I am really surprised how light weight that housing was made on the new switch. I guess that is to be expected with that CHINA crap. ;-)

Thankfully the rest was an exact reproduction so it's part fit the original switch box and lever perfectly!
Posted By: svwilbur Re: 57 3100 heater switch delux failure - Mon Jul 25 2011 06:03 PM
On a positive note, I did get the following email back this morning from their customer service: "We do get defective parts every so often, sorry about that. We could have just reshipped a new one for you. I will let the parts manager be aware of the problem that you had. Thank you Mindy"

But I did not need a replacement as I was able to fix it using the old part. I just wanted to let them know about the issue.

I am sure they get the same part as all the other venders so be careful when handling the heater switches.
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