Posted By: Grandpas_48 Front bumper brackets 1948 GMC FC101 - Sun Jan 30 2022 08:27 AM
Hello everyone,
I have my lste Grandpas 1948 GMC FC101 and I am currently looking for the front bumper brackets. I have the originals but one is broken. I cannot find them anywhere and I am wondering if these are specific. I purchased some at a swap that were off of a 1953 Chevy 3100 but the bolt holes did not line up with the original bumper. The bolt holes on my Grandpas bumper have about 21" in between and the brackets I purchased have about 18" in between. The shape of them are different as well. In topnof thaylt, he mounting holes did not line up with the frame, and they stuck out way further than the original brackets. I attached photos of the new brackets and one of the originals. You can see the difference.
My question is if I order new brackets from anywhere will they also NOT fit and do I need to find these exact brackets? Any info and help will be appreciated. Thank you.
(Note: The bumper that is with the brackets is not the original bumper. That bumper bolted perfectly)


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Posted By: klhansen Re: Front bumper brackets 1948 GMC FC101 - Sun Jan 30 2022 11:31 PM
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According to the vendors, the bumper brackets for Chevy and GMC are the same. Are you sure that the bumper you're trying to mount is an original? Those brackets in your one pic I can see look very much like mine.
[on edit] I was able to open your photos (leaving off the first http://) and brackets in your first photo look nothing like the ones that would be correct. I think your brackets and bumper that came on your truck are not original.

By the way, your image links didn't work (even when I pasted them into a browser window.) In order to post links to pics out on the web, you need to use the link icon (the little world/chain icon). Or even better if the image is on your computer use the Attachment manager (visible on the lower portion of your screen when you're in the full editor mode when posting.) Full instructions are in the box on the lower left of your screen when viewing posts.

Also you should post an introduction to yourself and your truck in the Welcome Centre
Posted By: Grandpas_48 Re: Front bumper brackets 1948 GMC FC101 - Mon Jan 31 2022 12:58 AM
Thank you for the heads up. I just posted in the Welcome Centre. So the bumper with the older bracket had always been on the truck but I guess it could be from another vehicle. When I installed the new brackets I got from the swap the bumper stuck out way passed the splash apron. It didn't look right. I will attach the photo of the truck with the bumper it always had.
Posted By: spanky Re: Front bumper brackets 1948 GMC FC101 - Tue Feb 01 2022 02:10 PM
1947, and 48 model GMC 1/2 ton- 1 ton front bumpers are a completely different bumper from a 47-54 Chevy, or 49-54 GMC, and will take a entirely different bracket setup. The grilles, are also different. Left pic.1947/48 1/2- 1 ton bumper, and grille, Right pic. 1949-54 1/2 ton- 1 ton bumper, and grille. As you can see the 47/48 bumper is more rounded like a car bumper. The grilles in the 47, and 48 pickups have the same look as the bigger trucks.

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Posted By: Twin Jimmys Re: Front bumper brackets 1948 GMC FC101 - Fri Feb 04 2022 03:29 PM
Spanky is correct in saying the 47-48 bumpers are different than the rest. Additionaly, 47 bumpers are different from 48 bumpers and are identified by 8 bumper bolts instead of 4. The brackets are the same for both 47 and 48 GMC. Which bracket do you need? The left or the right? The brackets are two pieces each side, do you need both or only one? Maybe you can send me a pic of what you have that is broken and I can identify it. I probably have what you need.

Description: 47 bumper
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