Posted By: 53&Me Wanted '51-'53 Chevy 1/2 ton - Wed Feb 16 2022 04:26 PM
Hey all,
I am looking for a '51-'53 Chevy 1/2 ton truck. '51 would be ideal as that is the year my Father was born, so it would be kinda neat to have that year, I like the wing windows in those years, a little torn between the push button handles and the swing down handles.👴 If you have one you would concider selling or know where one might be..... as complete as possible, please let me know, a running truck would be great! I'd still concider a non-running one though.
Thanks you all for the help.
Posted By: smack Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Sat Apr 02 2022 09:40 PM
Quick question
What makes the 3100 an easier build than a 3600.
I'm doing a 3600 and have had no issues finding parts and what not.
The 3100 and 3600 don't have any differences then bed length and hub differences.
What problems have you seen or trying to avoid
Posted By: klhansen Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Sat Apr 02 2022 10:23 PM
As far as a 1/2 ton being a quicker build, I've been at mine since 2015. It MAY be done this year. It all depends on what shape they're in and how far you want to go on restoring/repairing.
I really don't think that a 1/2 to is any easier to build than a larger truck.
Posted By: 53&Me Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Mon Apr 04 2022 07:22 AM
Well, I guess I have that mindset because all of the venders I have called/contacted say that no it won't fit or yeah you could probably make it fit. Now when I ask about the 3100 parts it's "Oh yeah we have everything you need for that truck". I'm trying to stay with bolt on or plug and play parts. I hate it when things don't work the way they are advertized... not to say a little manipulation isn't needed occationally. One of my biggest shortcomings is that I don't really do alot of fabrication (yet) but I do intend to. I know these trucks take time to build, that unfortunately is something I'm short on, so I guess you might say a generic plug and play truck is the direction I need to go for now. Being a new-ish Dad of a 22month old and a four month old time is limited.
Posted By: 53&Me Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Mon Apr 04 2022 11:12 PM
We'll see of I sell the 3/4ton or not,...possibly keep it as a future project to practice fabricating and welding... it needs new floors, corners, aprons, possibly dash (been hacked up for a buick radio), seat, wiring, guages, glass, radio, wheels that aren't split rim would be nice, kick panels....and the list goes on.
Posted By: J Lucas Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Tue Apr 05 2022 03:52 AM
I wouldn't sell it until you find a replacement. Just my opinion.

Good luck

Posted By: 53&Me Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Thu Apr 07 2022 07:45 PM
That's a good opinion to have 👍. My thoughts exactly
Posted By: bztguy Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Fri Apr 22 2022 05:27 PM
I restored my 49' 3600 over about 5 years and if I had one to do all over again I would go with a 1/2 ton. Many more options/parts availability. Some things for a 3/4 ton just aren't available.
Posted By: 53&Me Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Mon May 02 2022 02:06 AM
Thank you for the confirmation, I'm glad it's not just me having a hard time with finding 3600 parts. For now...until I find a 3100, I'll just take it one thing at a time on my 3600.
Posted By: 53&Me Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Mon May 02 2022 08:42 AM
Sorry all, I got buisy with the littles and haven't checked in for a bit, I Am still looking for one of those elusive 1951-'52 3100 1/2 ton Chevrolet trucks.
Posted By: Yakimabowtie Re: ISO 1951 1/2 ton - Wed Jun 15 2022 04:09 AM
How far are willing to travel? I'm in Yakima, Washington, and were ready to part with our 53. I tried to pm you, and get an e-mail. I can send pictures. It's been restored by an amateur with good intentions. We refer to it as a presentable 20 footer, very much original. Has newer rear axle with open drive shaft. It has pressure 235 with 3 on the tree. Questionable paint job, new seat covers, fenton headers, new Daytona carb, and electronic ignition. I've lowered it, went thru brakes, has new wide whites, all glass is good and new window and door weather strips. Firm on price 12K.
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