1951 3100 5 window, all original with Omaha standard box

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1951 3100 5 window, all original with Omaha standard box - Fri May 31 2019 02:07 AM

The truck:
All original down to the mud on the tires from the last time it was driven in 1971! Originally from a Nebraska farm and moved to Wisconsin in 1971 where it has sat in covered storage ever since. 216 with 4 speed, spot lights, 5 window, homemade rear bumper/hitch. Engine turns over by hand but needs everything you would expect after 50 years of sitting, hoses, wires, belt etc. 80,600 miles, it drove from Nebraska to Wisconsin in 1971 but hasn’t ran since. Very solid truck, no body panel rust besides very light rust that can be wiped away with a cloth in a few areas. Metal is torn about 1 inch on the rear fenders where the running boards attach on both sides. Dent in the passenger side rear fender and passenger side headlight area. Vertical dent in front of driver door that almost looks like it should be there it’s so straight. Headliner is missing and the interior roof panel has the worst rust on the truck but none even close to breaking threw to the top.

The box:
The truck has a wooden Omaha standard box on it with all the original accessories as far as I can tell. Box was installed after the original owner bought the truck in 1951 so box may be 1951-1952. It has an interchangeable slat rear door and grain door, side and rear extension panels, original hardware and pins, even color matched bale/bag hooks plus some extra box parts that I haven’t tried to install to see what they are for. Multiple tin Omaha standard plaques and painted Omaha standard lettering, hand painted pin striping. Extremely rare box ( I think) no one I have talked to has ever seen one on less then a one ton let alone a 1/2 ton. Mostly solid wood except driver side rear corner had water leaking on it during storage and caused the wood to dry rot ironically. Bed wood is bad in same area but ok on the rest.
Asking $8000, or highest/best offer. I have received offers to buy of $8000 in the past but turned them down because this was my dream project, but now it can be yours. Make an offer on this one of a kind original. Lots more pictures available by request

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Re: 1951 3100 5 window, all original with Omaha standard box - Fri May 31 2019 02:54 AM

Spotlights were dealer installed, or bought from places like JC Whitney and installed by the owner.
Nice, orig looking survivor truck!
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Re: 1951 3100 5 window, all original with Omaha standard box - Fri May 31 2019 03:33 AM

Yeah, bumps and bruises but wow, looks like a great project. Gives me flashbacks of all the hammer and dolly nightmares I have had for the last two years, but hey it is all behind me and would love to do it again.
Good luck on your dream project, have fun.
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