A 'Bolter-authored book!!!

One of our very own brother 'Bolters, Archie ("46 Texaco") has written a book to capture the glory, nostalgia and history of the small town, local gas station, garage and car dealership. His family had a 55-year history in the business and his '46 Chevy truck was a big part of it for 17 years.

Even if we didn't actually work in one of our local stations, pumping gas, cleaning windshields and checking oil and tire pressures, we can still remember when such places existed -- complete with young uniformed men who would run out at the sound of the bell, with a clean folded rag in the pocket ready to take care of our motoring needs before dad even shut off the engine. Maybe you *did* have your first job (or second ...) in your neighborhood full-service station and can relate to the personal history Archie has so carefully, and passionately documented in his book. Maybe you, too, got your introduction to customer service this way.

If so, or even if all you have is a sweet memory of riding with dad and stopping by to get "the works", you will definitely enjoy this trip down memory lane. It mainly covers specific station in Archie's past, but no matter where you are from, if you lived through, or grew up in the era of the local full-service gas station, you will greatly enjoy the trip down memory lane that awaits in the pages of the book!

Check out Archie's web site at

I've made it a part of my library. You'll want to, also!

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Since we finally have the pix and info in the corner column, I took it down from Global announcement. This way Bolters can comment on this thread and / or the book.

Sorry it took so long.
THANK YOU Peggy and John for your support and hard work on this. I have received great feedback on my posting in the Greasy Spoon and the book is selling well. I will be in attendance at the Southern Stovebolt Jamboree with my wife making potato salad for the Friday night dinner and will provide a copy of "Refueling the Past" to the door prize pool.
My copy of this potentially interesting book has made it into my ever growing "to read later" pile.

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I see you have a couple Dilbert books in that pile. I tried to read the Dilbert Principle and it was just too painful. I worked for a giant company at the time and it was right on the money.

I don't see *my* book on that shelf. Perhaps its on another shelf? Do I need to send another copy??
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