Posted By: 57Sub3100 EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Sun Mar 24 2013 07:24 PM
Hi All,

After a new job, I finally broke down and bought the EZ Chassis Swap kit for my 1957 Suburban. I picked the kit up from Ed, the owner (great guy btw). I plan on starting on my donor frame this week, ie removing the old body mounts and trimming the front frame sections to allow for bumper adjustment. I will also be moving the rear end forward 3 inches to center the rear wheel properly. Here are the photos of the frame kit.
Frame Kit
Posted By: Hellerlj Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Sun Apr 28 2013 10:38 AM
The BEST part of that kit is dealing with ED, has to be
one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth !!!
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Thu Jun 27 2013 08:21 AM
*** UPDATE ***

Hi All,

Been awhile since I've been on here. Here is the progress so far:
1. Wheel Base has been shortened on the donor frame, by 3 inches (moved the rear-end and spring mounts forward.
2. Old motor/trans removed from donor frame.
3. Installed the EZ-Chassis frame kit to the donor frame.
4. Removed the front-clip from the Suburban.

Next on the list is unbolting the body for the move to the other frame... If all go well I might get to drive it again before winter.... I have added updated pictures to "My57Suburban" link.
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Fri Mar 23 2018 02:43 PM
*** OverDue Update ***

The body is sitting on the new frame (thanks to the E-Z Chassis Swap Kit).
Front "cab" mounts are in place and I need to finish fabbing the rear "cab" mounts.
I was going to use the under cab brake booster and pedal, but after cutting the floor out I've changed my mind to the firewall insert (easier to interact with the master cylinder, but now I have to weld the floor back in and cut the firewall).

To Do List:
new intake and valve covers for my 327 HO
new haywire wiring harness
brakes (all four corners) + master
rear body mounts
cut the rear floor supports to fit over frame
sand and paint Chevy Rally Rims
weather stripping
body work?? (maybe)
mount front clip

Monster Burn Out...

Maybe, Just Maybe have it running driving by the fall? Ready to drive to Back to the 50's 2019??

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Posted By: tclederman Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Fri Mar 23 2018 03:09 PM
Looks good, 57Sub3100

Please keep posting progress reports.
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Fri Jun 15 2018 07:57 PM
*** Another Update *** or Change of Mind.....

So I started installing the new brake system (brake master / booster under cab / pedal kit). Well, my dumbass forgot that the frame to body height is different when I bought the master kit. I also did not go with the firewall insert that came with the EZ Chassis Swap kit because I am not a fan of the firewall master look. So i am stuck with two options (really only one)... mod the hell out of the underbody kit or get the insert for the master on the firewall. So, I will be welding the hole back up I cut in the floor to gain access to the underside and then cutting the firewall to weld an insert in.... Not happy about it, should have thought it through better... And I know own a house, so I will be moving that beast into my garage by the end of the summer!

Posted By: Jay Zed Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Sat Jun 16 2018 07:08 PM
Did I read that right - your original post, 2013? For God's sake man, hurry up! ;-)

That is indeed a slick looking kit. Yes, changing your mind mid-project is often expensive and/or time consuming.

Great looking truck; keep us posted!
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Sun Jun 17 2018 04:25 AM
I know!!

Got married in 2013, then we had twins in 2014. Haven't had a lot of time to work on it. Maybe 5 weekends a year since. Once I get it into my garage, every free moment could be spent working on it.
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Sat Sep 08 2018 09:10 PM
Good Day All,

Quick update. Ive currently lost my "shop space" at my buddies big shop. I will be bringing the old girl home, i have untill 10-1-18 to get her out. I am hopeful that having it right outside in my garage will allow this rebuild to go faster.

Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Mon Sep 24 2018 01:56 AM
Home at last! After 5yrs.

**My radiator and core support where stolen along with my edelbrock carburetor from the storage area........**

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Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Tue Apr 02 2019 05:12 PM
Just another quick update.

My project is currently stalled once again.... my Radiator Core Support was stolen while the truck was in storage. If anyone has a super cheap one around MN, IA, WI or the Dakotas please let me know.

Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Tue May 05 2020 04:43 PM
2020 UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Thanks to the SiP order, I now have time to work on my Suburban again. Ed at E-Z Chassis just finished development on the "middle cab mounts" for 55-59 Panel/Carryalls!! I have ordered mine and should have them sometime this week. Once the body is finally bolted in place, all of the other work can continue... i.e. the steering column, brakes, etc.. etc. If all goes good (fingers crossed) I should be driving her around by summers end. I will be doing weather stripping and such, but the major bodywork will need to wait unless I can find a quarter panel or I feel inclined to try my hand at making one....

I will get photos as the progression happens!!

Thanks all for checking out my mess of a resto-mod.
Posted By: 57Sub3100 Re: EZ Chassis Swap Kit - Fri May 08 2020 02:36 AM
I just received my "middle" body mounts from Ed at E-Z Chassis Swap. No more having to make my own. I also got the firewall mount for the brake master and booster. Welder arrives Saturday!! This thing is finally moving forward!!

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